Spirit: Confucius

Medium:  Al Fike

Location:  Gibsons, BC

Date:  August 3, 2015

God bless you, my beloveds, it is Confucius. The Light of God’s Grace is upon you, my beloveds, your prayers have brought this. Feel the longing within your souls. Feel it touch God’s Soul, the response of Light which pours down upon you, my beloveds. You bask in this Light. Allow yourselves to be open and to drink in this blessing. You are surrounded by angels, beloved beloved souls, and these angels pray with you as you discover your true soul’s longings, as you put aside that part of you which hides from God and steps into the Light with eyes open and feelings of gratitude, refreshed by this beautiful touch from God.

This instrument received guidance this morning in his prayers. He must heed this guidance and walk upon the path which God has designated for him. As he walks in faith, so will the manifestations of Love and healing, of Truth and peace come forth in powerful ways to bring more and greater Light to this world so much in need of these blessings. He shall be a powerful channel and take his role to lead others to this Truth. He must not step away from this, for now is the time to step forward with the sure knowledge that he is ready, he is ready to assume the mantel, to walk the path which God has created for him alone and his gifts shall shine – so many gifts hidden away that are now ready to manifest through his instrumentality and service to God.

For each one of you, my beloveds, you have many, many gifts that are hidden to you which you do not recognize or understand. Many of these gifts lay dormant within your souls awaiting the opportunity to manifest in the world. And as you receive the Father’s Love these great and wondrous gifts shall leap into life and manifest in wondrous ways in your being, in your consciousness, in who you are in this world. It requires the activating agent of the Father’s Love. It requires your prayers and dedication and in these efforts you then open the door for God to use you as His active agent in the world, to bring change and blessings to many, to throw out that lifeline which will bring greater joy and awareness to those who are lost, yet seeking. Each soul has many gifts, many treasures that lay within them and it is for you, my beloveds, to discover what God has created in you, the beauty, the wonderment. In His Love He brings you to life, and as you are reborn in the Love so these wondrous aspects of your being come to life.

Yes, many surprises await you, my beloveds. Those who are willing to walk the Path, who are committed to receiving the transformative Love and releasing those conditions within them which are not in harmony with this Love. It is not a harsh Path and, my beloveds, not particularly difficult, but it does require effort. It does require your prayers and your faith to discover who God truly is, to find truth in all its wondrous manifestations and to know who you truly are, my beloveds, who you truly are.

So much within you awaits this journey, awaits to be discovered and manifested. And you will find yourselves, beloveds, you will find yourselves as you walk towards God, as you come to know your Heavenly Father and come to know who you truly are. This is the spiritual journey that every soul longs for yet few take because they do not understand the simple requirement to seek the Father’s Love. It is crucial. It all revolves around this simple process, this simple prayer, this simple gift.

Seek the Love, my beloveds, and all else will come to you in God’s good time, the unfolding of your true selves to yourselves and to your life and to this world. And as you walk this Path, we who have discovered ourselves, redeemed by God’s Love and transformed by God’s Love will walk with you, and guide you along the Path, and pray with you, and protect you, and help you to seek the Truth, to seek the Love.

Beloved souls, you are all loved by God, you are all beautiful, you all have great potential. Come to know yourselves, beloveds, in the Light of Love and you will find meaning and purpose, truth and joy, freedom, freedom from the burdens of this life and true understanding, true understanding. Confucius loves you. I am with you often, beloveds. God bless you and keep you in His care and Love. God bless you.