Spirit: Lotus Blossom
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 9, 2018
Location: Abbotsford, BC

How good it is to see you together in Love. To pray together in Love, to share your insights and your lives together in this deep friendship and bond of Love. For is it not a great comfort when you find others who share your experiences and your insights? To know that you have a deep trust and blessing together, a harmony and a resonance of being. And God brings these blessings to you my beloveds, as you traverse the world you find one another in this great flow of the Will of God.

Many gifts are coming to each one of you and I refer to your circle of seven. Gifts that will continue to unfold and deepen within each one. The gift of sight will come to each one of you my beloveds. It will come in individual ways, perceptions, abilities to see but nonetheless, it is and will be a soul perception of the conditions and environment of that which you live. Some of you will see the lights of the aura, some of you will see the lights of we in spirit, some of you will hear the angels speak to them within their minds, some will have very deep intuitive perceptions, a knowing that will help them through their individual journeys in life. All of you will know deep within you the Truth and will be able to confer with one another in this way, a certain unanimity in knowing the next steps to be taken by you together. And yes we are drawing you once again together in that far off place so beautiful and warm. And we will continue to utilize these opportunities so that you will continue to develop in your gifts and find your true abilities, your spiritual powers and awakenings.

And yes it is important that you are together physically, that this helps to sustain and to develop the Light within you and these gifts of which I speak. For these gifts come subtly at first, not clear nor readily evident, but will deepen and become clear and powerful additions to your sensibilities and sensitivities in life In this way God may communicate with you more clearly and you may know His Will more clearly. So that as you progress upon this path as a servant of God, you will be well prepared and well equipped to continue this service in deep and profound ways, touching many souls, bringing Truth to many souls. For humanity hungers for evidence of Truth. Humanity desires signs and palpable experiences of Truth. For in this material world you live in, it is a world that is coarse in its sensibilities, requires physicality and a mental recognition of spiritual Truths. For many, this is most unfortunate for it requires a great deal of energy from those of us and yourselves who wish to demonstrate and bring the power of God’s Love and Truth to the world. Signs and miracles, my beloveds, that is what people desire. This is what inspires and brings them to an awakening. And so, in Love God brings these blessings forward through you, through us, through all those who serve God, He will bring many evidences of the Truth. You must be prepared my beloveds. We have been preparing you, as you well know. And you continue to speculate on your next steps and the possibilities of your future. I know it is difficult to walk in this world day by day in a sort of innocence and faith that says I trust in your Will God and your plan. But this is how it must be at this time, to trust in the flow of your daily experiences, your prayers and your efforts for greater Light and those connections that you make, those loving touches towards others and service. Do you not see that God orchestrates the perfect journey for each one of you my beloveds? The perfect journey, so that your souls may grow and awaken, that all the faculties of your souls will come alive and be useful and vibrant and clear of any obstructions. This requires the power of Love, the power of God’s Love to bring profound awakenings, understandings to you my beloveds. And this takes time, takes effort on your part in prayer, in going deep within to truly understand these places within you, these gifts that you carry, the souls that you are.

Yes, many gifts are coming my beloveds that begin to emerge like some beautiful flower that emerges from the ground. It’s buds forming, petals unfolding until the exquisite nature of each beautiful flower is recognized, their unique and wondrous creation, beloved souls. You are awakening, you are coming forth from that place deep within you, your souls, and it is all becoming a conscious and vital part of you. Allow this awakening to continue, to not allow the conditions of this world to interfere, to misdirect you from this path. To be at peace my beloveds, to be at peace and now that you are truly in the care of God. And as these gifts awaken within you, honor them, protect them and may they be used in the service of God, in the service of the flow of that journey that God has placed before you.

You need not fret of the details. You need not try to concoct an image, a persona, a way that is not truly of you, but merely the projection of another. No matter how heartfelt and sincere are those who wish to assist you in this flow of the service to God, the awakening of mankind is planned for the salvation of all. Allow this to take place each and every day within your own personal awakening, within your own personal salvation. And in this all will come into place, in the timing and flow that is required and in harmony with God. For when you force something and try to utilize a gift, a blessing from God from the perspective of your minds, you distort that gift, you stunt and inhibit the growth of that gift because your mind tries to formulate and twists things to the desires of the mind. This is not what is required, nor is it a benefit. But truly walk in peace and in faith and in joy and in Love, knowing that what you do at this very moment is what is meant to be and that each moment, as long as you are in tune with God, will be an expression of God’s Will, will be in harmony with God’s Will.

When the time comes for you to step forward and to utilize these gifts in powerful and beautiful ways in the world, there will be no ambivalence, there will be no hesitation. You will burst forth in joyful expression and beautiful, wonderful ways that exhibit the blessings of God within you. Be at peace my beloveds, be wise as you walk with each day seeking to express the Will of God. Be true to the Will of God. Be true to yourselves. Do all in Love. Do all in harmony and know that within you is a great treasure trove of gifts and abilities of the soul that continue to emerge and show their beauty and their power and their glory.

God bless you beloveds. I am Lotus Blossom and I continue to walk with you. I continue to assist you physically, spiritually, in your thoughts and in your efforts to be more in harmony with your own creation, your own being. I see the emergence of many gifts, not quite flowering but budding, coming to that place of true beauty and fruition. It comes, and it comes quickly, beautifully.

Each of you will share many gifts for this is what is intended and so you must support one another. Lift each other up beloved souls, pray for one another, give of your heart, give of your Love. God bless you beloveds. Lotus Blossom Loves you. God bless you. God bless you.