Spirit: Abdullah Latif
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 27, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Abdullah Latif. I was once a philosopher, a mathematician, and had a high rank within the realm in which I lived on Earth.

I have thought much about the conditions of your world, the darkness that pervades almost every corner of your world, the suffering that comes from this darkness. The struggles and dilemmas of humanity steeped in ignorance and fear, steeped in inhumanity and actions that do not reflect love.

For mankind has the power, does it not, to create its own reality, to make the world a reflection of themselves? This world is indeed a reflection of the cumulative conditions, energies, actions, thoughts, realities of all its peoples. What power you each hold, beloved souls, what power to form the reality and the conditions of this world in whatever way that you might. Those who suffer, and there are many, many who suffer, feel that they are victims of a world that God has created to enhance their suffering, that this reality that you experience in life is created by God.

God created a perfect world, one that can and will fulfill every need and desire that is in accordance to His Laws of Creation. Yet, with free will, humanity continues upon a course that proliferates darkness that disobeys the Laws of Creation. It is not that humanity is ignorant. It is because humanity ignores the truth that is well known within the soul and continues to exercise their material minds in efforts to gain superiority and to accomplish the fulfillment of the material desires of the body, the mind. These conditions which have been with humanity for a very, very long time, continue to worsen as populations increase and the energetic qualities that each individual soul piles upon your Mother Earth bring in greater darkness by each day. Choice upon choice. Action upon action, thought upon thought, desire upon desire, multiplied many millions of times every second of every day. This creates a powerful and vigorous, dark, energetic condition in your world. It creates many, many elements in your physical world that are not in harmony with its creation. In this terrible state, is darkened clouds. It is very difficult for God to penetrate and bring healing and right the imbalances.

Each of you has a struggle to retain light around you, to walk in harmony, to be in the joy of the awakened soul. Yet you persist and you are often successful in your efforts because you pray for the most powerful healing and transformative energy in the universe, the very Essence of God, to penetrate your souls making within a mighty fire, His warmth and vitality transforming you, influencing every part of your being.

When you deal with the condition that brings suffering to you personally, it is disheartening. It is difficult to accomplish this because you have spent a great deal of time and effort to neutralize the negative conditions that are around you. Yet, at times, it feels like you are merely treading upon water and that these conditions seem to be so prevalent and heavy upon you that you find a sense of despair that is your nature, conscious thought.

Beloved souls, if you could see from our perspective how difficult the conditions are in this world, even though you live in beauty, you are removed from much of the frantic conditions that are in your world. Still, the energetic signature of humanity persists everywhere and makes your life a struggle. So, it is important to have compassion for yourself, beloveds, to realize that what you are doing, your hopes and dreams, and ambitions, desires, are light and love, goodness, vitality, are constantly challenged by these conditions. Even too, the very food that you eat, the very air that you breath, all is polluted with the intrusions of the human creation, the human reality so that your bodies continue to struggle with those elements that are not in harmony with its true function, so that your minds continue to seek control of all negative thoughts, all that is not in harmony with love, and that you continue to keep open and receptive your soul that it thirsts so greatly for the living waters of God. Every part of you, beloved souls, continues to struggle in an environment that is not conducive to fulfilling these deeper desires and needs and efforts for light. We who come to be with you, to assist you in your efforts, have a deep compassion for your struggles and a deep admiration for your strength for each of you has chosen light, continues to desire to grow within your souls, to seek for the highest, to know truth, and to be a channel of love in this world.

My beloved souls, you have the attention of many thousands of spirits and angels in the realms of light. This attention is because you bring hope to this world by your efforts, by continuing to struggle against the darkness, by continuing to extricate yourself from all that is not of light. In this, is rays of hope that you create by your efforts and prayers.

There is joy amongst us who seek to bring light to your world. Yes, some dilemmas in your life are vast and at times insurmountable, but you continue because within your soul is steadfast determination, is a burning desire, and a great light so that you will indeed glow in love in what can only be described as a darkened swamp of the human condition. God’s precious lights, God’s beautiful souls, straining and expressing the potential that He has put within you. My beloved friends, we understand your struggles.

Personal to Jeanne: My beloved child, you do indeed struggle against the darkness in your world, each day you dedicate yourself to this, each day you reach out to many. You spend much of your time and energy in bringing light. You must rest. You must rest for there must be times within your life where you are being nurtured and strengthened and blessed by God. Your body is tired, beloved soul. Your mind is somewhat addles by all this responsibility that you carry and your deep desire to bring healing and awakening to many of your brothers and sisters. God does not wish for you to be in pain. But when the physical, emotional, and spiritual, is out of balance and alignment, then this opens the door for pain and suffering. Surprisingly, often the body will create a solution to the problem of rest. You are in the midst of this command from the body to stop and rest. As long as you continue to deny this to yourself, the signals of the body will give to you will heighten and intensify until you must rest. Listen, beloved soul, listen to what these signals are, what is given in wisdom. This is not punishment but a gift. This is what it will be in your world, beloved souls, as you progress in your lives and as this world progresses in its condition at the imbalance. There will be pain. There will be deep and disturbing signals given to humanity that say stop, reconsider, come to a place of wisdom and love rather than ignorance and fear. God has built into all his creation these wondrous, systems of life, many ways in which correction and healing may happen. When humanity continues to ignore and bury their heads within sands of ignorance, then these elements of correction will come into play forcing all to recognize the inharmonious conditions that need correction. This truth may apply to an individual or apply to the human race. End Personal

This is where we compel you to grow in wisdom and love in your souls and bring this to the forefront of your consciousness so that you may be a conduit of truth in the world. Though from your perspectives, in your present lives, the possibility of doing so to a great extent seems implausible. But I tell you, that you continue to build this beautiful life that will carry you to many surprising places. Some of you already see the possibilities and are inspired. All of you are working towards being powerful channels of light and truth and love. The pacing is determined by you. God does not interfere with your free will. As I have been speaking, this is indeed a double edge sword. For you may stumble on your own volition or stand straight and take the straight path. It is your choice. But as you continue to grow in this gift of Love, wisdom must come and is coming. You will know your destinies, your purpose, as the soul awakens, so these things become obvious and are revealed in the timing of your own choosing.

Continue to seek for the highest, to rail against the darkness, to seek light. Yet, you must comport yourself with deep wisdom, understanding, that the rejection you may find as you speak the truth is not meant to hurt you, beloveds. It is not a personal thing but reflects the conditions of humanity, its inability to see beyond the personal and distorted needs of the individual.

You must have deep compassion for all. For indeed you are deeply blessed with a life that in many ways lacks the terrible deprivation of the soul, the mind, and the body that is the daily lot of so many, with gratitude, with a warm heart, a loving disposition, an abundant sense of joy. May you face each day and give as a channel of love to whomever you meet, whomever God puts upon your path and brings you to that place where you may speak and demonstrate the truth of the power of love to heal all, to right all imbalances, to bring into harmony all things, to wipe away the dreadful memories of pain and distortion that each soul carries in their life. That there is liberation, beloved souls, liberation from the darkness. You, my beloved friends, have the key. You understand truth by your own life and example, the truth. Yet, even you struggle at times. This is the power of the collective force of humanity upon this planet and you must be strong. Though the winds of darkness blow, you will remain steadfast, my beloved friends, and walk the path of righteousness and love, light and truth. It is your destiny. For it is the destiny of every soul who seeks truth. Through the Laws of Attraction, you will be drawn to many others who are with you in this great effort to heal this world and all within.

Continue in your efforts to be with God. Your daily prayers, your daily thoughts, your daily actions, that they all may be of light and blessed and imbued by the power of love. May God bless you, my friends. I am Abdullah Latif and I am very pleased to be able to speak to you today, to come to the world in this light, to be present as we are with you all in this great arena of light. It is a great blessing for us and for you. God makes these things possible despite the power of human condition. He makes a well of light in the world where we may all commune and be together in God’s presence. May God bless you, beloved souls, and keep you in His Light. Much love to you and I will come again to speak another day. God bless you.