Spirit: Keea-atta-Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 20, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

I wish to encourage you to continue in your prayers, your routines, your thoughts that support your efforts to continue with the development of your souls and your spiritual selves. It’s important at this time to continue to focus and redouble your efforts. You have been talking about coming together again in the flesh in the near future and I wish to encourage you to make these arrangements and to dedicate as much time as you can when you are together for prayer and development.

You will continue to open yourselves to the many wonders of your souls and when you do so in your circle, that beautiful circle of gold, of light, you speed the process of awakening and developing, for the possibilities of upliftment and awakening are far greater when you are together in this way. Indeed, there are elements that can be honed and established in securing your gifts while you reside in your particular places in the world and yet there are things that may be accomplished with your physical presence together. Yes, through the bonds that you have created amongst you and the connections, the spiritual melding of each together is powerful indeed and very useful in this development. Yet the conditions of the world and the aspects of your lives often diminish the possibilities of these developments and opportunities to forge more powerful gifts within you.

When you are together in love, harmony, and you sit and pray together and work together there is indeed great benefit and many blessings, and it is needed at this time. So, I encourage you my friends to seek to come together, to make that commitment to one another not only while you are apart but to come together in the flesh and avail yourselves of the many blessings that are possible in this. God will continue to bless you, my beautiful beloved friends. He carries you upon a magnificent journey. You continue to listen and be a part of this unique awakening of gifts of your souls, of what is possible in this world.

Continue to love and support one another, to keep one another close in your hearts and thoughts and prayers. You need one another and we need you to strengthen these bonds and for the love to flow amongst you so that there is harmony, so that there is the possibility of many great gifts that will come in the stead of love and purity and a deep desire of the soul, to bring such blessings forth. God bless you. I am Keea and I love you dearly. My beloved, beloveds, I love you dearly. God bless you.