Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 03, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Matthew. Yes, you see with your material eyes and know with your material mind many of the inequities and darkness within the world. But I tell you what you see is merely a shadow of what is your world. Millions upon millions of souls are lost in your world, beloveds, and are unable to grasp the Truth that God loves them, that their souls may come to know God. They do not even know that they have a soul. They do not understand what a soul is, the capacities and beauty of the soul, this most holy of gifts given to humanity, to all your brothers and sisters in this world and the next. This great blessing filled with so much potential and ability to come to know God is almost universally ignored by many in your cultures. The pursuit of the material, the fear of not having enough, the desire for ever more of the material benefits of this world become the focus of most. This leads to a great detriment of the soul. A terrible longing is within each soul, beloveds. A longing to be released from the constrictions of the mind that they may come to know their true purpose and ability to be with God. The darkness continues, the ignorance and the accumulation of so many lost souls in your world who are unable to grasp these simple truths that you know and practice.

Beloveds, can you not see that you are each needed to teach these truths, to show the way so that all the beauty and wonderment of the soul may be released from their prisons and given the key that will unlock this door? Yes, many will not hear you. Many cannot fathom what you speak of no matter how simple your words, how direct is your message. Often many fear God and many do not know or believe in the existence of God. So they walk alone in the world with the idea that they are indeed alone and that their life and existence in your world is the only thing that does exist. All the beauty and the wonderment, the awarenesses and revelations, the comfort and the joy that can come with the awakened soul is unknown and ignored by so many.

Beloved souls, the Truth that you know could change this world, could bring so much greater happiness, joy, and Truth to humanity. God compels you all to be a channel of His Love, to speak this simple Truth to those who will listen. To declare that the salvation of mankind is in Love. Yes, we understand that this takes great bravery and effort on your part to walk in the world in this way, to bring Truth to those who are asleep in your world, to awaken them thus, to call them to see that they are indeed loved by God.

Your greatest dedication to God is to live this Truth, to live it with each breath. The greatest benefit to your life is to do so in prayer, in thought, in deed. Beloveds, you must persist and continue upon this course of awakening your souls. As your lights grow, so what you exemplify and amplify in the world through the light in your soul, will touch many others.

Now is the time to declare the Truth, beloveds, for humanity is in a state of terrible deprivation. So many of your brothers and sisters walk in the world without knowing their true selves, without seeing their true purpose, without living within the laws of God. God does not condemn them for this, for God loves unconditionally. But they condemn themselves to the darkness, the ignorance, the lack of joy, forever compelled to seek material gain. For many, who are indeed victimized by the social conditions in which you all live, those things that are not of love, this creates a great challenge for you all. As you see more clearly the conditions of your world, you have the dilemma of what you may do to alleviate this suffering. You ask yourselves “What can I do? Dear Father guide me upon the path of service to bring greater truth, healing and comfort to those around me”. This is a good prayer, an appropriate prayer. But God will not lay before you His plan for the salvation of mankind in every detail. Instead, God gives you what you require for that day, for each day, so that primarily you may continue to grow and be prepared for that time when you will indeed set forth into the world declaring this truth to many. In the meantime, you are given many opportunities to grow. You are tested, you are given knowledge and inspiration and encouragement so that you may consider the reality that God wishes to bring to the world that will counteract the illusions of mankind which they consider the truth but is not.

Yes beloveds, you have a great deal of work to do. Many things to consider. You continue to work upon the awakening of your soul through your prayers and efforts to release all barriers and conditions that hold you from this place of awakening and knowing and in communion with God. Beloved souls, you will continue to gather together. You will continue to draw one another in prayer, to support and strengthen your brothers and sisters. You will continue to draw in others who are being guided into your fellowship of truth.

Beloveds, we are with you, each one of you, as you continue upon this journey. God is with you always. May you have the gift and the blessing to know this deeply, to know this joyfully, to know this with faith and strength and peace, that God is with you always, beloveds. His Hand is upon you, pouring His blessings upon you, beloveds. We continue on this journey. We continue to guide you upon your individual journeys. We continue to watch as your souls awaken with God’s Breath of Love.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Matthew. My love is with you and your efforts. God bless you.