Spirit: Moses

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: April 12, 2016

God bless you my children, I am Moses. And I thank you my daughter for your prayer. You have a pure Light and a deep longing to be with God, beloved daughter, and your prayers reach the Heavenly Father and are answered each and every day.

I come to speak of the falsity of the Vicarious Atonement. This is my lesson to you.

In our Jewish culture and religion, shedding of blood was a common attempt to appease God and many animals were put to death in this way, for it was our belief that it was an honoring of the Creator and a way of appeasing the wrath of God. For as you see, we feared God and in many ways we blamed God for our mishaps and those things that happen in life which caused us pain.

And today in your Christian religion, many of your constructs continue to live within this understanding. And when our brother Jesus, a Jew, and a prophet, and the Messiah, was put to death, the concept of the blood having power to wash the sins of humanity arose from these old beliefs, of the power of the blood. They are entirely erroneous, even when we practiced in the old days this sacrifice, it had no effect in our world and still today, the idea of the sacrifice of our dear brother has had no effect and will never have any effect upon the souls of men. For each soul, each man, each woman must be responsible for their actions and must choose what they must do in this life. And with the gift of free will, they make choices which have far reaching effects, not only in their life on this Earth, but their life within the world of spirit. And no belief in the vicarious atonement or any false belief that is carried within the Christian Church will have any effect upon the advancement of their souls’ progression. It is the knowing of the soul, the connection of the soul to God, the love that shines through – whether it be the Natural Love or the Divine Love, all loves, which will have a bearing upon the path of that individual in their spiritual life.

We, the Jews, took great import upon the written word. We felt that the written word was the Word of God. And so it often is in the Christian religion, that that which is written in the Bible, the New and the Old Testaments, is the Word of God, and has great import and Truth, and to some degree there is Truth within these passages. There are moral laws which, if heeded, will bring a soul to a place of purity of action, purity of being. But many of the words written within this document have little or no consequence to the progression of a soul. Yes, inspiration can be gleaned, snippets of Truth and encouragement to pray and to be with God. This document is not entirely false nor is it entirely true. It is old concepts and understandings from many, many years ago which have been transmuted into erroneous beliefs and understandings of Truth.

And I would suggest that an individual living in this present time would have a great deal of difficulty discerning Truth from this document. For the word is not sacred. No, words are words. What is sacred is your belief and connection, your rapport with your Heavenly Father. In this way and receiving His Love, His Essence, within your soul, will bring Truth, which will emerge from your souls, find lodgment within your minds, and will incrementally develop and unfold and evolve, so that a true and complete understanding will come to you through your soul’s perceptions and your minds’ efforts to accept these Truths as God gives them to you, through His Love, through His communication to you.

Truth is not altogether absolute. It is perceived by each individual soul, and although the foundation of Truth can be universal, the perception of Truth is not necessarily so. And in this way you must encourage each soul to find this Truth through their own efforts and perceptions and prayers and though their truth, their understanding, their perspective may be slightly different from yours, it is no less valid. And to try and standardize Truth with words in a book is a fruitless effort. To express your truth to others and to bring a suggestion of Truth in the written word, for that is merely all that it is, is a productive action. So indeed, each human, each person, mortal, is compelled to share their truth with others and this must be honored.

For you do not know the Absolute Truth, my beloveds. You have your own personal version and understanding and you just begin on the road to Truth. You are fledglings upon this road. And we, who have tread this road for thousands of years, continue to evolve in our understanding of Truth. You must see that this is all relevant or relative to the experience of each individual and you must have compassion, even for those who believe in error, for they earnestly wish and desire to seek Truth. And though they have been shown a false path, and possibly will walk a circuitous route to Truth, they will come to God in time, and you must not put roadblocks to that journey. Give what you can of your own heartfelt understanding of Truth. Do not confront others and say: “you are wrong”. No, my beloveds, you must merely live your truth and speak your truth in loving ways. Share what you know and remember that these are just words.

The real Truth lies within your soul and the Light that you carry and that channel of Love which God is building within you. This speaks Truth, beloveds, more powerfully than anything else, to be that channel of God’s Love, to embrace all of those you meet and to allow in gracious ways, for them to express themselves, without you stepping in to correct what you believe is untruth, is doing God’s bidding.  

Yes, there are times when a gross error, when those around you speak blatant error and express profound negativity, in these times you must confront error. In these times you must speak truth, for you must never enter a negative condition unless you make an effort to bring greater Light. But in the case of those who believe in the Vicarious Atonement and other such false beliefs of the Christian religion come to you and voice their opinions, it is not necessary for you to correct them. There may come at the odd time an opportunity to do so where that soul is open to what you have to say. But most often these precious souls who mean well are not open to your truth. Do not judge, but be humble and kind and wish them well with a prayer, for there will come a time for each seeking soul, that they may come to the Truth, the Truth of why Jesus walked the Earth and his true mission of Love, and all of the falsity will fall away. It is mere understandings of the mind, and the mind changes its perspective and understandings so very often. And you must accept that each soul has their path to follow, their route to take to God.

Be humble, be generous of spirit, walk in the Light of God’s Love and seek to serve in loving humility and grace and you will be rewarded with many souls who will appreciate and understand what you have to say and who you are in this world. It is by the Love and the manifestations of God’s blessings through you that you will touch others. It is not through argument or correction or judgement. No, my beloveds, this is where humility must be part of your efforts. You must humbly accept another’s choice and continue on in the faith and understanding that God will guide you to those who are seeking and open and who will receive, even those with false beliefs, will receive something from God through you. It is not for you to understand in a complete way what that is, merely for you to move in the world, to move in the world in Love, and to be joyful at what you have come to know as Truth, to celebrate your understanding through living your life in this way. And God will take you through that road of your life and use you in many different ways, many different ways, for He has a plan to bring Truth to the world and you are part of this plan, beloveds. Do not release your understanding of this, come to embrace it, and to do so each day, knowing that you are headed on a great journey and much Light in your lives shall flow to others.

God bless you, beloved souls. You each have a beautiful Light and you will lead many out of the wilderness into a place of Light and joy and freedom from their error and God will wash their souls from sin and error through His Love. Yes, this will happen. And you have lead many souls already and this shall continue. God bless you, I am Moses and I love you. I encourage you upon your journey of Truth. God bless you.