Spirit: Luke
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 12, 2018
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Luke. I wish to address my talk on the Law of Compensation since there has been some discussion by your friends regarding this law and how it affects humanity. Every intentional deed, thought, condition that you experience or bring into yourselves has an effect upon your countenance. Depending upon the intensity and seriousness of these thoughts and deeds and intentions, the memories of these things reside within your soul. They accumulate day by day through your life’s experience and reside within your soul until such time as these conditions, thoughts and memories of these deeds are affected by prayer and effort by the individual to neutralize these conditions.

There are two distinct ways in which this can be done. Those who walk the path of the natural love must make great effort to come into awareness these memories and conditions within the soul and address each and every one of these things that reside within the soul and then come to a place of reconciliation and neutralization of whatever condition may be negative and cause pain to that individual. Those things, actions that are positive and of Light, help to strengthen that individual in their pursuit of cleansing the soul. So they must comb through all these experiences in life, often when they are in the world of spirit, and find some resolution, some way of transforming them from negative to positive. This can be done through prayer, this can be done through conscious resolution of retained thoughts and this can be done through changing one’s actions and thought patterns in their lives. In some way, this retained negativity must be brought to a place of harmony.

In the world of spirit there are many who will assist those who are struggling to find greater happiness and harmony within them. This God has provided in the world of spirit through His Compassion, through the compassion of those who are further ahead in their spiritual growth and development. But each individual must reconcile those actions, those conditions within the soul, to bring the soul to a place of harmony, of Light, of purity.

The second road that one may take is the road of the Divine Love. The power of God’s Love in its actions of renewing the soul will neutralize these conditions in time. Rather than a state of memory and reliving these conditions that remain active within the soul, they are neutralized and there is a condition of forgetfulness within the soul. Although the mind may retain these memories, the active energies, the negative energies that are associated with these sins within are indeed neutralized. There is no sense of pain, only healing and self compassion. The power of the Divine Love is a great healing force, purifying the soul, bringing the soul to a place of harmony. This is only the beginning of the journey of the soul that receives the gift of Divine Love. One may say that the beginning point of those who have redeemed souls is that place of purity, of healing of the soul and thus allowing the spirit to enter the Celestial kingdom and continuing upon their journeys of soul development towards at-onement with God.

Those who follow the path of the natural love may only attain that condition of soul purification allowing a certain harmony that comes where no darkness or negativity resides within that soul. There is a state of harmony but it can go no further than this. So God gives each soul a choice, an opportunity to not only find reconciliation with Light but also find the possibility of being in alignment with God towards at-onement with God. But at-onement cannot come without the healing of the soul. At-onement does not come without the infusion of Divine Love to such a degree that there is a resonance between the mortal soul that becomes a Divine Soul and God’s Soul.

So you see the choice between what you call the natural path and the Divine Path has its consequences in your life. Those souls who have reached the sixth sphere and are in harmony with the natural love and the soul purified of all conditions that are not in harmony with natural love know a certain joy and a happiness in their existence. Many souls are content to reside within this sphere, to continue their explorations of God’s Creation, His Universe, to accumulate knowledge, to refine their gifts in as far as their gifts are possibly recognized and expressed. Their interactions with one another are harmonious and joyful. They have a great deal of love within them for one another and for themselves. At the present state of your progression it would be difficult to truly discern between the joy of the perfect heaven and the joy of the Celestial Heavens for the intensity of these conditions of joy and light are immense compared the conditions which you yourself find yourselves in in this world.

Yet you do however feel a difference in the quality of the Love of the angels and the quality of the love of those spirits who are advanced in natural love. Yet to imagine their existence, to understand the wonderment of these exalted places is beyond you, beyond the capacity of your souls and your minds to truly recognize these places for you could not go there. You are not sufficiently developed within your soul to find yourself within these conditions of purity. But you have a sense of the journey, do you not? A sense of your development and the changes that are happening within you, how within you there is a lightening of the spirit, a deeper sense of being loved, a feeling of progressing forward and in so doing releasing much of that which weighs you down. So you are fortunate indeed to have this knowledge while still on earth, of advancing the condition of your souls in both the natural and the Divine Love so that you will progress into higher spheres when that time comes of your passing to spirit. In this material way, do you not feel that you are secured with God and that within your souls comes a strength, a faith, a joy, a sense of Love? Yes, there are many benefits that come with the power of God’s Essence flowing into your souls. You do not and will not complete the journey of the purification of your souls alone, for God has a hand in this journey of healing and awakening.

There are many spirits and many mortals who do not recognize the power and wonderment of God’s Touch upon the soul and thus they miss out on this opportunity to journey towards Light and at-onement with God with the accompaniment of God and His Angels. This is a powerful blessing, the blessing of God’s Divine Love. The Laws of Compensation which insist that every part of your soul that is contaminated with darkness, memories and pain, be reconciled and brought to Light, bit by bit, for with the blessing of the Father’s Love there is inclusion of this healing and reconciliation, not necessarily done in a conscious way but done as a reflexive response of the Touch of Divine Love within your souls. The healing and forgetfulness of these painful conditions, the allowing of Light to pour into each dark crevasse within you is indeed a gift from God’s Soul to yours conveyed by the Holy Spirit. As you pray for this gift, so these wondrous healings, this deep Touch within you, brings to you powerful blessings indeed. 

Do you now see the great benefits of receiving the Father’s Love within your souls, how this accelerates your spiritual growth, how this cleanses all conditions that are not in harmony with God’s Laws of Love ? That you have with you a powerful ally and mechanism that brings to you a condition of Love within your souls that elevates you beyond what is at this time the human condition that lacks so much in the way of Love, compassion, harmony. You are blessed greatly indeed, my friends. Many, many blessings continue to flow to you and will flow to you for all eternity in this great journey towards God. The cleansing of your soul is just one step of many more openings and developments of the capacities of the soul. You are blessed, my beloved friends. I am happy to come to give this message to you, to reassure you that though at times this journey may have its struggles and difficulties and challenges, the rewards that you reap through the expressions of your prayers and longings of your soul to receive this gift of Divine Love are immense, are immeasurable, are wondrous indeed!

May God bless you upon your journey, my beloved friends, and may His Love continue to heal and bring into harmony your precious souls. This is God’s desire for you. This is an expression of His Love for you. His great gifts that He showers upon you shall continue and intensify and bring to you many, many blessings indeed. God bless you, my beloveds. I am Luke. God bless you.