Spirit: Keea atta Kem

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: August 20, 2015

God bless you, I am Keea atta Kem. Yes, my beloveds, when you walk the Earth you can bring change and Love but you must be with God in this, you must follow His Will and put aside your will, for your will impedes the Love, it is part of the human condition that impedes the Love. And the only way you can know God’s Will is to be centered within your soul, to understand His desires. The power of His Love is to be within that place that is your soul and many of you struggle to reside there, to know this place well and to know God’s Will, His still voice guiding you, His warm Touch healing you and loving you. And as you go again and again to that sacred and beautiful place within you, you cause, with your efforts and God’s Touch, a deep and abiding shift within you, a releasing of all of your wounds, and all that is in error, and all that holds you tightly in the confines of your mind and your pain. It will fall away, it will fall away, my beloveds, because it must, because of the power of God’s Love to transform you and heal you, because God wants you to be free and to be in joy.

My beloved, beautiful souls, come to know God in this way, trust in this journey within yourselves, pray for God to bring you to the sacred place within you where you and He will meet in loving communion and let the world, the troubles of the world, the conditions of the world fall away that you may be in holy communion, in loving rapport with your God. Feel this peace that passes all understanding, know this Love that is not like any other love. It is Divine; it is of God. Accept this Love within you and allow it to heal your soul, heal your hurts, heal your body, heal your spirit, and bring all into harmony and alignment and balance that your consciousness may truly be from that place of soul, that your perceptions and your awareness and your wisdom may come from that place of the soul.

This is your goal, my dear and beloved brothers and sisters, to shift your consciousness from that of the human condition and your mind to that place of soul and God, for there all questions are answered, all hurts are healed, all fear is resolved, and all wisdom flows, and all Love envelopes and infuses everything and every part of you. Shall we go there together, my beloveds? Shall we go now to that place of deep peace, of stillness and Love where God is with us and we are aware of His presence? Be with us, my beloveds, in that place. God bless you. I am Keea and I love you.