Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 26, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Be open to the world of possibilities, beloved souls. I am your teacher, Augustine. As you grow in the Father’s Love and your souls awaken with this gift, does your vision not change and your perception of the possibilities and aspects of life change with it? Knowing that within you, new perceptions are growing and within you a joy is welling up, a sense of how great are the possibilities of life which come to the fore as you are awakened in love. May you truly be awakened in love, beloved souls and be open to all the possibilities that God sets before you as He clears the veils from your eyes, as He opens the door to your perceptions, as He imparts to you the Truth. How can you not but change and grow in attitudes and perceptions and feelings? For the soul then is dominant and powerful within you, a situation that is not common in your world. 

To be led by the soul rather than the mind is the gift that God has given to you and the gift that you must utilize to help bring the truth to your brothers and sisters. It is certainly a different way of being and perceiving. The intuition of the soul is powerful and yet its subtleties often allude you as you switch back and forth between the perceptions of your soul and the perceptions of your mind. Yet I encourage you to continue to trust in those soul perceptions, your soul reality, for this is the new way of being that God intends for all of your brothers and sisters to adopt and carry into a new world, where the will and intellect of men will not dominate and determine the future of humanity. Rather, it will be the subtleties of love and wisdom of the soul in alignment with God that will guide humanity forward. 

You are the forerunners of such perception and understanding. You are His children, chosen because you have chosen. You have decided to walk the road of love and truth, so God elicits your desire and your openness to His Will so that you may indeed walk more subtlety upon the Path Divine. That you may be His instruments, channels of love. That you may be used to establish great blessings upon the Earth plane, blessings of portals, lattices, channels of love, light, and truth. These things come readily as you grow in the Father’s Love. May you come to see the power of His Love and come to realize that each day presents to you the opportunity to receive more of this gift. For it is a gift that you are not born with, it is a gift that comes with your eliciting God for this blessing. I urge you to do so frequently and intently, for without this, you cannot receive this gift, but with it and with your compliance with the laws of love, you will be made strong, you will grow in His Love, and you will be transformed accordingly. 

May God bless you, beloved souls, and keep you in the truth and wonderment of His Touch upon your soul. I am your teacher, Augustine. I pray with you this day and I acknowledge your efforts, each of you, yearning and reaching to God to receive His great gift of Love. Continue on in this journey, beloved souls, and know that I and a host of angels are close and continue to uphold you in these efforts and in your journey of awakening and development as God’s channels and instruments of Truth and Love. God bless you, beloved souls. Augustine loves you all and will continue to be close. God bless you.