Spirit:  John the Beloved

Medium:  Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: August 22, 2015

Beloveds, the world cries out for healing and peace, and God has given you great blessings, my beloveds. He has given you a gift this day and some have felt it deeply while others have felt something. But I tell you, each of you has been blessed mightily within your souls and given a gift that is meant to be a part of your efforts in this world, to help heal this world. And each gift is unique, is something that you require, is something that will assist you in your spiritual journey, in your efforts to be a channel of Love in this world. And you will find yourselves changing within your awareness, your thinking, and what you do. And what is important to you at this time will be in alignment with the Will of your Heavenly Father.

Be open to this inspiration that God has put within you. Be open to what your souls are informing you. There is much work for all the souls who desire this. There is much work. For millions upon millions of souls on this Earth are lost and hurting. Do you not want to bring comfort? Do you not want to bring the ways and means for them to reach the Light, to know how much they are loved? You have been strengthened and given deeper Love. Parts of your souls were opened this day that remained closed in the past. Parts of your consciousness were given the means of accessing the Truth within your souls. Gifts, many gifts, were given. And many gifts were opened, a new beginning allowing you to discover what lies within.

Now you must walk in faith, my beloveds. Now you must go in Light, always seeking ever higher and asking God, what is next? What shall I do? Help me to be that channel of Love in the world. Show me how to love. Keep me within Your Grace. Guide me as I walk this Earth. Fill me with Your Love. Beloved, beloved Father, fill me with Your Love and I shall listen to You, obey You and know Your Will. Help me, help me, Dear Father, to reach You always, to be in Your Grace and presence, and may Your angels be with me always and Your Love flow into my soul always, for I want to walk toward my at-onement with You. I want this deep within me. I know this is what You want me to do and this is what I want to do, to be at one with You, to know Your Love completely, to be within You.

Blessed souls, blessed souls, you are blessed. I am John the Beloved. God bless you, beloveds. You are beloved.