Spirit: Elijah
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 21, 2019
Location: Homosassa Springs, Florida

I am Elijah, known as a prophet of old. Indeed I see a rare sight before me, two prophets together, two gifted souls together in discussion and prayer. This brings joy to the Celestial Heavens to see how God continues to bring together His instruments, His channels of love in this world. How powerful this is, beloveds, this light that you create together is a great light, a powerful light. It is in your efforts, all of your efforts, beloved souls, in prayer, in service, in maintaining within your being a light, receiving the Father’s Love that it may be a constant inflowing into your soul so that this light continues with each breath, each moment of your life. This is what is important. For when you lay such a strong foundation in your life then all the gifts and what is meant to be, will be and be expressed in beautiful ways.

I walked the Earth proclaiming the truth that God had given me. It was often a lonely journey, one which I was ridiculed and disbelieved and yet much of what I said was true or came true in years beyond my time. You, my two sons, who are different indeed and whose perspectives reflect a life that is different, a journey that is different and yet, with your dedication to receive this gift of God’s Love, it is opening up many possibilities and faculties of your souls. Yes, each of you have been designated this role as prophet. You may speak truth and you must speak truth for it is your responsibility to speak truth, beloved brothers, to walk this life as a channel of light, a beacon of love.

Each of you in your own way listen to your guidance with each day and follow this guidance for the benefit of those you meet. This is all that God asks of you, beloved brothers, and all of you here: to serve God in a way that you are guided, in a way that it is clear to you the actions to be taken, the flow that comes that reaches out to another soul or to many other souls with a touch of comfort, words of truth, a flow of love.

This is God’s work, beloved souls. This is how God guides you with each day, simple, simple guidance, simple inclinations which start from the soul and bubbles forth to the mind. As long as the mind is open and willing then a measure of this guidance is enacted in accordance to the development of your soul and the alignment of your soul and your mind.

My brothers and my sisters, it is your challenge each day to pray, to listen, to act, to be in the light, to walk in the flow of God’s Will, to be humble, to be in a way obedient although this obedience is not out of obligation but out of love. Thus, you will find yourselves in many different places with many different individuals. Some that surprise you greatly. Some that you wonder greatly, “why?” But it is important that you listen and follow, for in this way you become a part of God’s plan for the salvation of mankind. In this way you fulfill your destinies as channels of love and truth and light. In this way you open many doors, many opportunities, many gifts, a great upwelling of love from within your soul will continue to intensify and be expressed in clear and beautiful ways. You are each gifted, deeply gifted, and you are each willing. God is well pleased with His children, those who cock their ear to the Heavens and ask, “What would you have of me, Father? What may I do to further light in this world, to bring greater harmony not only to my life but to life in this world?”

There is a great deal of work for all of you, beloved souls. Much is needed. There are few willing. To have such a circle of gifted souls is a rare sight indeed. As I have said, it brings great joy to we in the Celestial Kingdom to see that the souls of light, the gifted souls are drawn together as the Laws of Attraction and the power of God’s Will continue to cement this great network of light. You are bonded, beloved souls, bonded for all eternity on this great journey of soul awakening, of understanding the universe, of knowing the deep and profound joy of God’s Love.

Your journey continues and indeed you will continue to meet others who are of like mind, who continue on this journey of love, and those in light who wish to support. For as the great changes in the world continue to mount you are in need of one another. As you forge these bonds so you will forge a link of communication that will be of great value in the future and bring you guidance that is needed, will strengthen your resolve, will have deep support and love that flows through each channel, each gifted soul in its own measure and way.

Do not underestimate the power and the wonderment of God’s plan and Will for you. Do not be distracted by the material conditions. It is time for action, beloved souls, for you step forth in dynamic and powerful ways, meeting head on the changes that are coming in this world and are already here. So much will be different. With the power of your gifts, beloved souls, this will be an anchor in the changes and the storms with your relationship with God. As you hold on to one another as the winds blow, so you will support and save many from the coming changes and help to rebuild something more powerful in love and harmony of creation. This you must do. You must be strong in all ways, wise in all ways, loving in all ways because God relies upon you, beloved souls, to be His instruments and channels of love and truth in the world.

It is your purpose and your destiny, the fulfillment of your soul to do so in love, to bring your gifts forward for the benefit of mankind. God will bless you thus, beloved souls. God will carry you. God will bless you. God’s Love shall pour upon you. There is nothing that God cannot do for you, beloveds, provided that you are within the flow, the great flow of His Love and His Will, all will fall into place. All will be in harmony. Your needs will be met. Your lives will be a joyous outflowing of love, truth, healing, compassion, wisdom.

God bless you, my beloved brothers and sisters. I am Elijah. I am your brother on this great journey towards at-onement with God. I shall walk with you. My son, I continue to guide you. You say it is important to know your guide and I say to you, know me for I am with you and I will walk with you, beloved brother. But most important of all, know your Heavenly Father. Know your Heavenly Father, beloved souls. I am with you and I love you. God bless you.