Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 29, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. For those of you who do not know me, I was once the bishop of Hippo many hundreds of years ago when I walked the Earth, but have indeed spent many centuries in the world of spirit and have made my way to the Celestial Kingdom. I am one of those souls which the dear daughter speaks of who has been redeemed by God’s Love. All things of the Earth are now not a part of me and all things of Heaven are truly a part of me, where God is my guiding Light and Truth is my great desire to share and teach to those on the Earth plane.

I say to you my friends, it is important that you pursue a spiritual life as you walk this Earth. For you do not spend too much time on this earthly sphere and soon, at least from our perspective, soon you will be in the realms of spirit. So many enter into those realms not knowing any spiritual Truth, not understanding the way of life that transitions from Earth life to spirit life.

So my beautiful friends, you must build a strong foundation within you. If you wish to come someday into the realms of the Celestial Spheres, the Heavens of God, it is important that you come to God in prayer, that you seek the blessings of God in prayer, and that you may ask this one simple request of God, but do so with all earnestness and longing within. It is that His Essence, what we call the Divine Love may enter into your soul, that this blessing of Divine Love may continue to flow into your soul with each prayer that you have, each time you beseech God for this gift and blessing.

In this way, the slow but steady transformation of your soul will take place, building within you a very strong foundation indeed. One that will lead you to the Celestial Kingdom in time as you continue to grow in this Love. As this great blessing of the Father’s Essence transforms your soul and awakens your soul so that you may see with the eyes of your soul, that you may know the wisdom that comes within an awakened soul, that you may know God In a way that is unmistakable and true and clear, that you will feel that you are a child of God, which you are and you will come to understand what that means. You will come to understand the power of God’s Love and recognise this Essence, this power in the Universe that will indeed transform and awaken you.

It is a simple journey, my beloved friends, simple indeed, but it requires your efforts, your time, your prayers, your longings. Spending some time thinking and contemplating these truths and seeking to awaken that deeper part of yourself, that part that is so often ignored by humanity. For this is a sphere in which the mind, the material mind, is revered and nurtured and the soul is left to its own resources. This is unfortunately a very profound mistake in the lives of humanity. This is why in your world there is so little balance, so little true understanding of life. Without the soul and the wisdom and love and perceptions that come with the soul awakened, it is very difficult indeed to see beyond those rudimentary ideas and perceptions of the mind.

So I urge you my friends, I urge you with each day, to pray for the awakening of your inner and true self, the soul the lies within. In this way you will come to understand things you could not have imagined, experience wonderments beyond anything that is possible in your material experience of life, and come to know your true selves, what God has truly created that is your unique self, so that you my love and nurture these parts of yourself that have gone unnoticed, unrealised, potentials that have been lost because your focus has been elsewhere.

I do not blame you, my beloved friends, for this oversight, for this is the way of the world. This is truly the way of the world, to experience the material life and all its pleasures and wonderments is a great distraction. Life must be lived. I know my friends, life must be lived. But as you reach the zenith of your life, is it not time to think about what is coming? What changes will come when this body you possess will be no more and your spirit then is released and enters into the realms of spirit, a vast place full of many different things, layers of understanding, layers of experience, layers graduating from darkness to light?

The efforts that you make now will ensure that when you begin this journey that you will not start at the very bottom, a place that it is so very gray and difficult, but to start in light, to give yourselves a good start, to give to yourself the possibility of progressing into light, deeper and greater, more expansive, more wonderful. For God gives you the opportunity to do so.

I speak to you of the way in which you may do so. It is not complicated. It does not require a great deal of effort from you, but it requires some effort and some commitment and some faith. Often in the beginning, there is little to go by in terms of your own personal experience. This is where faith is required, to allow this great gift of Love to sink deep into your soul. In doing so, expanding your soul and the power of your soul, bringing about an awakening that will in time come to your conscious self and bring to you a realisation that indeed, something profound is happening within you.

As you make efforts to pray, even when you find prayer difficult and a foreign exercise in your life, pray, beloveds, try to pray. Make an effort. Experiment with prayer and see if something does not shift and change, if you may not feel a blessing, a touch, a bit of comfort, a bit of warmth and healing to your being. For this is God reaching out to you. This is God saying, “I am here and I love you dearly.”

Do you not want to know God’s Love, the great Creator of all and to know this in a personal and deep way? In this will come joy and profound awakenings, true understandings, and a light will grow within you, brighter and brighter as you continue upon this journey, brighter and brighter as you continue to accept this Truth that you are deeply loved by God. In this Love comes a relationship so profound and clear and joyful, that you will wonder why you have never known this before and why you did not pursue this sooner.

With each soul in the world there is free will and a choice. So, it is for you to choose, my friends, to choose what you wish to have, to receive, to set your mind upon and your soul longings towards. It is up to you as God allows you to choose and God awaits your choice. It is a Gift, a Jewel beyond price, this simple Truth of the power and glory of God’s Love.

May God bless you, my friends. I am your teacher Augustine. My love is with you. My love is deep, deeply for each of you. God bless you. God bless you all.