Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 6, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Josephus and I will be working with you in the next several days to help bring through deeper and higher teachings of the Truth that will benefit you and benefit many. We have been working towards this goal now for quite some time and we are pleased that we are to gather together a powerful group of mediums and apprentices and supporters for this task. Yes, your arrangements have not gone quite as planned but nonetheless, we will be able to accomplish our task. What we ask of you and all those who are involved to be focused and prayerful, to set aside the concerns and details of the material world for this time, and to be well-prepared for your sessions together.

You have all that you require to accomplish this task. Before you is a Portal of Light, powerful, and has been built and reinforced and energized for a number of years now and this will be most beneficial to our efforts. Those spirits who are dedicated and committed to this task are awaiting your times together and we will all do our utmost to clear away any obstructions to communications and to help facilitate high conditions that are in harmony with God and God’s Love. It’s the yearning of your souls, my friends, that will help to facilitate the outcomes which we all desire.

Prayer, beloveds, as much prayer as you can engage in during your day and even your nights, is important at this moment, so that indeed the dark conditions of your material world will be cleared and a beautiful and bright light will shine upon you all. In this way, you will all be inspired, you will all utilize the faculties of your souls to understand what we are about to convey to you and that you will continue to strengthen the bonds together, to work together for the great ends of the salvation of mankind in this world.

Truth must be said, beloved souls, clearly, unequivocally, beautifully. Truth is so elusive to the children of this world. Truth is so easily distorted by those men whose minds wish to fashion truth to their own ends, or to adjust truth so that they will feel comforted by what they believe. So your task is important, requires focus, requires an uplifted soul, a condition of love and harmony. Because you embark upon an important mission and already in this place a Light has been built, you are also subject to the attacks of negative forces who wish to put out this Light and to divert you from your task. Be vigilant of your thoughts, of those feelings that well up that are not of love. I do not say this in criticism, but I must say that mortals are the weak link in this chain of Truth. For their conditions are unreliable, intransigent and difficult at times, to help bring through Light and Truth in clear and ways that are of the highest. Yet you have all the resources, the support, the blessings, the condition of your soul which is filled with God’s Love, to help awaken these faculties and gifts and abilities so that you may bring through these Truths clearly without hindrance, without the human condition impinging upon it.

Yes, this venture is serious beloved souls. Its timing is crucial. These efforts are great. If you could see the number of Celestial angels and high spirits that are engaged to bring about these few precious moments of communication and rapport and efforts together, you would be humbled. You would be humbled by the attention and focus that is put upon you, beloveds. Do not be the weak links, but the strong links in this effort. Do not judge others nor assume anything, but to be open, receptive, faithful, and strong in your love of God. In this way, what is meant to manifest and come through you, will do so, and do so in all its glory and beauty. The wonderment of God’s Touch upon you all will be felt and known.

We come for the benefit of humanity, to bring these Truths forward, this wisdom, this understanding of soul, of God, of the Universe. You, my beloved and beautiful friends, who are willing to participate and be humble channels of this, will be deeply blessed in the process. You will come to know in a deeper way the power of your own souls, the awakening of your own true and beautiful selves in the Light of God’s Love.

Yes, the busyness of your world, the demands of this material plane, the conditions that each of you must deal with on a daily basis, the challenges that you individually have, and the error that continues to live within you, although not great in measure, but still exists. With  all of these things, you must be strong enough to deal with, to put aside, to ameliorate, to pray about, and to welcome the Blessings of God to bring you peace and harmony. Consider your own conditions, beloveds. Consider what your challenges are and put aside your fears and worries, concerns and distractions, and be in the Grace of God for these times together, where Love will flow and peace will reign. We will be close, as close as we can be, so that we shall work together as one in the name of our Heavenly Father’s Will and desire to bring Truth to humanity.

May God bless you, beloved souls. The first beginnings of a little adventure, something that may have a far greater impact than you may realize at this time but will indeed bring something deep and profound for each one of you and a gift to the world.

God bless you, I am Josephus. I will be with you during this journey, as will many. Some that you do not know of but will meet. Some that you know well and of course, the beloved Master will bless you all with his presence and gifts of love. God bless you beloved souls. God bless you.