Spirit: Francis of Assisi
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 13, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C

I am Francis and I wish to talk about the importance of having beauty in your life. You admire this instrument’s beautiful garden, the expression of his soul and mind as a dedication to God. The joy that he receives in nurturing and creating with God’s Creations comes together in this beautiful tableau of color and form and texture and light. What joy it gives him and what joy it gives to you, beloved souls, creating and enhancing the power and beauty and blessings of God that have come to this place.

For each one of you, beloved souls, seek out beauty, to be uplifted by the beauty of God’s Creations, by the natural beauty of the forests and the water and the streams, the rocks, the plants, animals, all the beautiful creatures of God. As you walk within the forests, sing God’s praises, have a deep appreciation for what God has created and how God has provided for all His children in so many ways. So many ways, the beauty of God’s Creation is evident in your lives. How fortunate you are that you reside in places of beauty, that you nurture this beauty as best you can with your labors, with your efforts to attract and encourage all that is good and harmonious and beautiful.

Create beauty within your own homes. Be aware of how the place in which you reside reflects your inner condition and inner aesthetics; how this too enhances your environment and to some degree brings to you blessings and energies from God. And within the home that is your body, mind and spirit, bring beauty there as well with your thoughts, with what you do to bring harmony to yourselves, to be uplifted, to be pure within yourselves and in harmony with God’s Laws of Creation. For your bodies are a gift from God, they are elements to encase your soul and express your soul in the world.

May that expression be clear and of beauty, of grace, of peace, of Love. For God wishes for each of His children to be a beautiful expression of Love and Light, and this comes as your soul grows in Love and Light. All is reflected from the eye’s perception of the soul. You have a deep desire and are attracted to that which is harmonious, beautiful to look at, beautiful to feel and be immersed within. This Circle of Light is a creation of beauty, the beauty of your soul’s desires, my friends, the beauty of that which is God’s blessing upon you, the beauty of this place that is set in harmony. This scene is indeed a reflection of the beauty of God’s Creation.

As you are drawn to higher Truths, greater Love, the aesthetics of your soul grows as well and are reflected in your tastes and desires, of how you live, how you express yourselves, how you are in the world, all of this a reflection of your soul. It is not a burden to create beauty my beloved friends; it is a joy. It is not a burden to be in harmony with your surroundings, with your brothers and sisters, with God; it is a joy. God does not put any burden upon you, beloved souls. God merely guides you along the path that brings harmony and with harmony comes beauty and with beauty comes grace.

Your souls are beautiful, beloveds. Your souls are more beautiful than any garden, anything that God has created in this world. They are more beautiful than the most beautiful flower you have ever seen, the most beautiful sky, the most beautiful water. Know your souls are more beautiful than this. The Light that emanates from your souls is pure and truly a reflection of God’s Creation in this world. Come to appreciate, to contemplate upon your own souls, to absorb within your conscious sight the beauty of your souls and what this entails because so much within you reflects the perfect and wonderful beauty of God and His Creation.

When you are creative in the world, you bring an element of beauty into this world and in doing so you bring Light into this world. When you create a garden, it is a creation of beauty and Light. When you write something using language that is harmonious and elicits beauty within the mind and Truth, is this not a beautiful thing? And many other ways, my friends, many other ways may you bring beauty and this in turn brings Light and harmony.

Consider what you may bring into your world. Consider what is beautiful, consider what brings you joy, what awakens you, what inspires you and you will see that there is some element of harmony and beauty within it. God blesses you with the opportunities and the possibilities of expressing yourselves in so many ways. Your souls have such a capacity to create beauty. Your talents and gifts expressed in whatever way that may be, bring a measure of beauty to the world. And in this sharing of that which is in you, you uplift your brothers and sisters.

As you come to God, as we all do in our days in this world, so you bring beauty to your souls. You awaken the potentials within that are beautiful and will express beauty and grace and Light. So much comes in this awakening of your soul. So much is available to you as this awakening comes more fully into your being and conscious self and your ability to see beauty in all the simplicity of God’s Creations, in some simple form, some color, some word, some act of love from another, in so many ways. With these heightened sensibilities, so your ability to see and know and appreciate the beauty of life comes more intensely and in greater harmony to you. May God give you the vision to see all that is within your life as a beautiful gift, a beautiful gift laid at your feet, given in Love. In this will come great joy, great peace, great upliftment of your soul. It all comes in this gentle Touch from God, His Love pouring into you and bringing the gifts of the soul.

May God bless you, my beloved friends. I am Francis. My love is with you. And I continue to bring to this dear son the gifts of the animals, the blossoms of the flowers, the gentle breezes, the warmth of the sun so that he may see and appreciate all that God has given in his life and yours. May your perceptions deepen, my friends. May your deep appreciation and joy of all that is in God’s Creation continue to awaken and deepen and be a true expression of joy within your soul. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls. I am with you more often than you might know and I love you all. God bless you.