Spirit: White Cloud
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 3, 2024
Location: Sechelt, BC

Your world continues to suffer, beloved souls. I am White Cloud and I need not come all this way in order to tell you this, for you realise this. You see it all around you. Things are changing. The seasons are changing. The world is changing. You pray to be an agent of change for the better, for your world. Indeed, you can change the world by being kind, being considerate, appreciating and revering the creation of God, and being a channel of love in the world. For these other things, the momentum, the power of the changing world is beyond your grasp, my friends. 

It is God who is changing this world. Indeed, you have made your mark as a species, as humanity. You have set in course a motion that is bringing change. But in fact, you cannot change the momentum or reverse it. Those things that are inevitable now, you must come to accept and to embrace. For it is in change, it is in God’s plan to change the world, that the healing will take place, that the balance will be struck, that there will once again be harmony upon your Earth. 

I say to you, beautiful friends, lovers of the Earth and of God, and of one another, put love forward in everything that you do. Open yourselves to the Will of God and be a part of His plan to help reclaim this world and heal it from all the hurts, from all the destruction, from all the efforts of man to exploit and to take from Mother Earth that which is not rightfully his. The plan is in motion, beloved souls. A plan so far reaching, so complex, so powerful that none of you, with the perceptions that you carry within yourselves, are capable of understanding this great plan to any great degree. Instead, you must have faith. You must continue in your prayers. You must seek the great blessing of the Essence of the great White Spirit that will bring about change within you. For without change within you, how can you change the world? But when change comes within, you are an agent to change the world.

 All is related, my beloved friends. All is related and connected. The light that you must be, the beautiful soul that you must be, will help fuel the outflowing, the emanations of God’s healing Touch upon the world. Be that instrument, beautiful souls of God. Be that instrument so that God may utilise you to change the world. That which you think is change, that which you perceive as your ability, is a very dim reflection of that which is within your soul. It is that which is within your soul that you must reunite your consciousness with so that you may truly see and know, so that you may truly be in alignment and in harmony with the Will of God. 

 I say to you, beautiful brothers and sisters of this world, be with God. Seek out His blessings of Love. Seek to be in harmony with all that you know is truth and live it. With each footstep may you live and express the truth that you know and be in alignment with the truth that God has given you. In this way, you become a powerful agent for the change that must come, the healing that must come, the harmony that is destined to come to your Earth. Have faith in this. Have trust in this. Be a child of God. Truly, truly, be a child of God. 

My love is with you, my beloved friends. There are many with you today who pray for this world of yours. Many in the spirit spheres, some within your own sphere, and angels from the Celestial spheres, and your stellar friends as well. So many gather whenever you gather, to help support your efforts, to help support God’s efforts to heal your world. Know the alignment that comes with the soul awakened and true to itself. Know the joy that comes with a soul knowing and feeling the Love of God. So powerful, so transformational that you will truly be changed, my friends, truly.

God bless you all in the light of God’s Love, in the truth of God’s Love, in the efforts of God’s intentions and desire to bring harmony to your world and to each and every one of you. Blessings to you. I am White Cloud and I love you, my friends. God bless you.