Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Sydney Australia
Date: November 15, 2018

I am Confucius and I am happy to see you together in prayer, in a desire to increase your service to humanity and to God. You carry within you, beloved, beloved brothers, a great strength, the strength of the Divine Love burning its fires in your souls. You must utilize this strength in whatever efforts you do on behalf of God to bring this Truth to humanity. You must truly know your soul, the composition of your soul, the light of your soul, the capacities of your soul to know truth and to be in alignment with your Creator. When this understanding is well-established within your consciousness and is expressed in all of your efforts, then the work truly begins, beloved brothers, the work truly unfolds in the harmony and timing and plan of God.

Do you see the light that is pouring upon you at this moment? How God continues to nurture you, beloved souls, to help you to come to that holy place of communion, that powerful place of true understanding? So God pours upon you His Love. He makes available to you all the resources and blessings that you may require to step forward in light in this world. You must first release your judgments or your reticence and walk in faith, the faith that does not require true and clear understanding of what is next. With faith, it is a trust that God knows what you must do and will convey this knowledge to you with each moment and your souls will acknowledge this guidance. Then, you must allow this understanding to rise into your minds to complete the efforts to express the Will of God.

Efforts for God do not arise from the mind and then informs the soul. No, my beloveds, it is the opposite. Efforts for God begin in the soul and emerge as inspiration for your conscious mind to comprehend and express. Consider this, beloved souls, consider how you must make a great effort to clear away the obstructions between the consciousness of your mind and consciousness of your soul. But in the efforts that you make to release the obstructions, to clear away the error or confusion, or old habits of mind, you will begin in earnest the work that is waiting and will bring forth many beautiful manifestations of love.

Yes, I know that you feel your journeys have been long and arduous, that you are indeed ready to lay down your life in dedication to God. Indeed, you are close, very close to this realization of your purpose. With faith, you will know peace. With faith, you will know surety. With faith, you will have a deep sense of gratitude for every moment of your life.

In the awakening of your souls, beloveds, you will see how the journey has been perfectly orchestrated to bring this awakening forward within you. Yes, indeed you have decided upon the timing of this journey, but God has provided the elements and opportunities to carry you forward in the awakening of your souls. Realize that this step by step journey has been a deep and profound gift to each one of you as you have carried yourself along these unique paths that have intersected to bring you together, that you may share your gifts, your insights, your love for the benefit of one another.

Make good use of your time, beloved brothers, together. Make use of your gifts to benefit your brothers and bring all intentions to God in your prayers that you may be inspired to open and express new gifts and new possibilities to your consciences. Indeed, you continue to be prepared and nurtured and your souls continue to grow in love.

Be joyful, beloved brothers, in how God continues to awaken you upon your journey, that you will indeed find your place within the plan for the salvation of mankind more fully with each day, in closer alignment with what is meant to be in this outpouring of truth and love and healing to the world. Have faith and trust in your own beautiful soul and its capacities to bring light to this world.

Beloved souls, you will come to know your true selves in greater measure and profound knowings, in wonderful expressions of love, as the Essence of God continues to ignite those beautiful aspects and gifts of your soul. It happens with every breath you take. There is an awakening, a change and shift, though subtle, yet powerful and permanent, within you. Allow God to perform His miraculous transformation of your soul and all else will follow in its stead.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Confucius and I bring you my blessing, my love to my beloved brothers upon this path Divine. Great peace and light upon you, brothers. God bless you. Confucius loves you.