Spirit: Augustine

Medium:  Al Fike

Location:  Gibsons, BC

Date:  July 27, 2015

It is Augustine, your teacher. So you have made your plans and you have looked at all the details, mulled over the scenarios, the possibilities and now it is time for you to have confidence that what you have planned and how you have planned it will be executed in Light and harmony. And remember that when the Father opens a door for you to do a task, blessings come on many different levels and in many different ways. And though you may be challenged by certain circumstances, that challenge is an opportunity to allow God to bring His Light and His influence of Love into that condition and situation. And in order to allow this, you must put aside your reticence and fears and have faith that God’s Hand will touch all that you do as long as you do so in alignment with God’s Will and Love.

As you take on these tasks and comply with God’s Will you learn much, you grow within your soul and within your faith and you learn to trust God’s guidance and understand His Will, to trust in His wisdom, to go with the flow of His Love, to walk that Road in Light knowing that it has purpose and direction and meaning. And you ask, my beloveds, to be a channel of His Love, to hear His Will, His guidance, to walk this Path Divine. And often you say this prayer trusting in His Will, yet not knowing where that will take you and indeed this naïveté and child-like trust is what is required to move forward as God’s instruments in the world. For His Plan is mighty and intricate and depends on precision and timing and all is within the flow of His Love. And for you, it requires a form of obedience and trust to allow God to manifest through you. You must say, I am willing I will do as you desire, as you will it, and this requires you to lay down those preconceptions and erroneous beliefs and willful desires and expectations and to say Father, What You desire, What You will, What You are is far greater and I am willing to trust in this, to have faith in You and to be with You in the flow of Your Will and Your plan.

It matters not the food that will pass  through the lips of those who come compared to the food that will be given to the soul. You lay forth a banquet for your brothers and sisters, a banquet of Love and in this everything will be blessed, even the sip of water, the crust of bread, the piece of fruit will be blessed, my beloveds. And all those who taste of these things will know its sweetness and its nourishment and its Light. And when you come together in prayer, my beloveds, just think of the multitude of angels who will be present with you and the great Light of God that will flood your circle and the openings and shiftings and fillings of the soul will be momentous and abundant. There will be such abundance, my beloveds, you will want for naught, other than more of God’s Love.

And you, my precious souls, have been asked to be a part of this, to usher in these blessings for your brothers and sisters. God has entrusted you with the task and you have willingly complied. Continue in this way. Walk in the Light of God and say Father, I am willing, show me the way and I will go. Help me to put one foot in front of the other in joyous faith, and in loving commitment. To walk with You Father is my life’s work and my life’s destiny and You, I know, will provide all that is required for me to walk my Path hand in hand with my brothers and sisters to that great Light and at-onement that is meant for us, for all. It is meant for all.

Bless you, beloveds, for your efforts, your willingness, your humility and your beautiful souls filled with Light and desire to do God’s Will. Much lies ahead, my beloveds, a great journey of discovery, of service, of understanding what it is to follow the Will of God. You begin anew. You walk in faith and innocence and God is well pleased with your efforts and the desires of your souls. You walk in Light and we who assist you, love you dearly. May we all walk to greater Light, to that higher place in Love and harmony, in peace and joy. Bless you, my beloveds, your teacher Augustine loves you so very much and I am with you. I am with you as are so many. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.