Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 16, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

I wish to comment upon your prayers regarding your travels to that far-off land. Wherever you go, beloved daughter and son, your work is to build foundations of Truth in the minds and hearts of those you meet. This is doing God’s work is it not? To speak the Truth, to live the Truth, to share the Truth, to be instruments of God’s Love, channels and messengers of God’s Truth and Love.

For those who are concerned and somewhat fearful as to what may come of your efforts and your travels, I say as long as you are in alignment with God, as long as your motivations are pure and your desire to do God’s work continues to be strong, all will fall into place. Avenues will be opened. Doors and loving connections with others will be prevalent with each day that you are on these journeys.

Do not be reticent, beloved souls, or any who are a part of this venture. Yes, there is a desire to bring this truth to many and to have great crowds in your circles and to have manifestations of experiences amongst those present so that their minds are opened and excited by these truths. Yet your work remains humble does it not? Your work continues to reach out and be direct in simple ways to those who are receptive. Keep in mind, beloved souls, that this is part of God’s plan. You are not conducting the orchestra so to speak, but you are a member of that orchestra. You are a member of the great group of souls who are engaged in this work and continue to step forward in many diligent and effective ways.

Humility is key, beloved souls. Humility, persistence, consistency, strength, these are important aspects. Do not let your minds interfere with what your soul already knows and can be utilized by God to touch many souls. This often does not bring recognition from the other who is being blessed. This is where your own humility must inform your actions to not be so concerned from a mindful perspective of numbers and effects and outcomes. You have elected to do God’s work, yet in your efforts nothing seems clear and easily understood. Instead, this opaque sense of direction, this desire to enact God’s Will in whatever way it is presented to you often leads to confusion or doubt.

Beloved souls, know that when you step forward and when you are directed by God in certain ways that the outcomes of your efforts are rarely obvious. Instead, your strength which comes in faith and your love of God and your love of your brothers and sisters must carry you through these scenarios and situations so that in your heart and your soul there is a deep sense of purpose. There is satisfaction because from this place, from your pulsating and beautiful soul of light, many are being affected and blessed as a channel of God’s Love. As you move in circles, situations, crowds, wherever you may be, so you are being a channel of love if you are receptive and open and able to put aside your mindful judgments and expectations.

When you take upon yourself these travels, do you not think that within the journey you are touching many, many thousands? Yes, it would be a wonderful blessing to be able to speak the truth to many thousands, to have their minds and souls open to what you have to say. That day will come, beloveds. I promise you that this day will come. But at the moment you lay foundations. You do the simple labours that God has placed before you. This is essential for what is to come.

Do not underestimate the power of what you do, the power of the Truth that you bring, and the power of your presence in a room as a channel of God’s Love, as a purveyor of His Truth, as one who is an example of this Truth by this very fact that you teach and you bring forward in that place of soul the power of your efforts, the power of God working through you, the power of the love that emanates and pulsates from your souls.

Indeed, we have asked you many times and encouraged you to put aside the doubts and judgments of your mind and to have faith that where God leads you is where you are meant to be. If you doubt, go within. Ask your question to God, “Am I meant to do this? Is this part of Your Will? Is this something that my mind has concocted to gratify those places within me that needs recognition?” God will answer your questions, beloveds. You will come to know with clarity your own motivations. Yes, you are human. Yes, you have a desire for recognition, to be loved, to be acknowledged. But what is predominant within you, beloveds? Is it not the humble longing of your soul to receive the gift of His Love and to express the Will of your Heavenly Father in whatever you do and wherever you may go.

This is the most powerful motivation within you, beloveds. In this, many things may happen and open and manifest in your life. You have already seen the power of this. You have already recognized the great efforts that God makes to send you forth in the world. May you continue upon that journey, a journey intended by God, a journey that you have acknowledged and promised to God to do as can be done in this world. May God bless you upon that journey, beloveds.

Your teacher Augustine always by your side, always there to teach and uplift, to love and to nurture you along your path to at-onement with God. My love is with you. You are indeed blessed, beloved souls, and all that is required for your efforts will be given. For those who give to you in love, with sincere heart have been blessed and will be blessed. God bless you. Augustine loves you.