Spirit: Michael
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 11, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

My friends, I am Michael. Our dear friends from across the ocean are in good hands. Please continue to pray for them. To the dear one who is my namesake, continue to pray. He will be uplifted with angels surrounding him, as the doctors examine and try to ascertain the situation with his leg.

My dear friends, the world is about to be in a state of great change where your priorities and your focus, the focus of most who live a primarily material life, will change because the conditions in your world are changing. The energies of your world are changing and that which you have come to rely upon and expect in your material life will change as well. I am not suggesting that there will be great strife, at least not at this time. But God is blessing your world with energies and impetus to correct your thinking and your doing in a way that will bring more harmony into your world. There will be less focus upon the material gratifications. There will be a sense, a longing within the souls of your brothers and sisters, to reach for something that is different from what is presently the focus of so many in your world.

There is a deep need for spiritual awakening. Because God continues to pour His Love and blessings and intentions upon your world, many are beginning to feel restless and desire something deeper, more meaningful in their lives. This, in turn, will bring many opportunities for you who speak the Truth of God’s Love. Those in the world who are instruments of light, will have greater opportunities to serve humanity, to bring a deeper understanding of these aspects of life that are often so suppressed, because the material mind and the demands of your world distract humanity so much.

There is a need for balance, as you well know. There is a need for greater emphasis upon the spiritual, and even upon moral acts and deeds and thinking, as our dear friend and daughter indicates. The messages that are going out into the world are not conducive for love and respect for one another. Rather, it continues to encourage selfishness, even violence and wrong-doing, celebrating those who act for self-gratification and who desire great power. Yet, what is needed in your world is humility, simplicity, the Grace of God to inform your actions, your lives. This comes as your souls expand with the Father’s Love. This comes with your efforts to correct your thinking and your efforts to bring forth these soulful intentions in prayer.

In many ways, you are an example for others, my friends. In many ways, you need to be more vociferous and overt in your actions, so that others may see, with clarity, what it is that God is doing through each one of you. For God is transforming you all. Do you not see that God continues to influence your minds and your souls, to guide you and uplift you, to show you the way to light? With each step forward that you make my friends, make it an obvious choice, so that others may see how indeed you are changing and expressing yourselves in the world.

You need to bring your light forward. You need to express the Truth of God’s Love with humility, but with a great strength and simplicity, that the light within your soul may shine brighter and touch other souls, as God continues to use you as His channels of Light. So it requires your first step, your choice to step forward. In this way, you open the door for God to work through you.

Every moment is a choice. Every day brings opportunities. Every day, if you so desire, God will bring to you the opportunities and situations where you may be used as an instrument of Light, a channel of Love, to speak the Truth in some simple, yet profound ways that will touch other souls and help many in your world.

God gives you great blessings, my friends. God opens many doors. But in this generous and loving flow that comes to each one of you, take into account that for each of you, there are many, many thousands of souls who are lost and do not have the benefit of the blessings that you receive. Do you not think it would be important to share this Truth, to at least open the door for those who are lost and to help awaken them to the possibilities of a spiritual life? For a strictly material life lacks the balance and the upliftment that comes with spiritual understanding and soulful connection with the Creator.

These things you must teach and share. Not in a way that imposes ideas and becomes an expression of your will upon another. No, this is not the way God teaches souls. But merely when you reach out to another in love, and in that reaching there is a possibility to bring some spiritual voice or prayer or flow of light and love to another, this simple and humble expression, is what is needed.

I know you wonder, with all the great need in the world, with all that is required to bring greater harmony in your world, how can your simple acts and efforts, one upon another, bring great change? But I tell you, my beloved friends, as you continue to awaken in love, and this awakening comes with each step that you make forward, each prayer that you express to God, each time you decide to be a channel of Love and Truth, you affect the atmosphere of your world. The more that you do this and the more there is a response from others, and they in turn bring greater light, an effort to bring blessings to the world, there will be a cumulative effect. The power of light and love will continue to push back the darkness.

Your efforts are important and your efforts will be reinforced by God and by the angels, so that there will be a multiplying effect with your actions and your words. It may not seem obvious or dramatic. It may not be that you will see the outcomes of your efforts. But I tell you my friends, as you continue to align yourself with God’s Will, to be a part of God’s plan, there will be greater and greater opportunities, more powerful effects and influences of light coming through each one of you into the world. This grows as your soul continues to awaken, continues to seek for the highest and grow in God’s Love, so the opportunities will grow.

Do you see that these two beloved souls who are with you today started in a dramatic way? No, they started very simply and their efforts are growing. They are getting known in the world. Yet they, in their gifts, are no more gifted than you, beloved souls.

You all have a light and you all have many gifts. Utilize what God has given you. Make your efforts and make the Truth of God’s Love known in the world through your example in the world. Reach out my friends, reach out to the many souls who are hungering and thirsting for love and yet are lost within their thinking and minds, not knowing how to reach God, or even to reach another soul with sincerity and a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.

You must be the examples and you must be the lights in the world. As you continue to grow and to glow, so you will draw to you many others who are seeking. Yes, it takes time. Each day brings an opportunity to awaken a little further, bringing the possibility of more of God’s Love to enter into your souls and awaken you in a deeper way.

God awaits your efforts to grow closer to Him. God awaits the awakening of your souls, through His Love. God is patient. But I tell you my friends, there is change coming in your world. It is important that you prepare yourselves, that you take seriously this guidance that comes in so many ways from the angels of God to grow, to awaken, to be a light. For this is what the world needs and there is no greater work than this, my beloved friends, no greater work.

God will employ you and guide you into the service of bringing truth to humanity. It will come. You will be inspired. You will have doors opening. You will have great blessings come to you and through you, for many others. This is inevitable, as you grow in God’s Love. As you continue to keep the flame of your heart, which is the Love of God, stoked and burning bright, so that flame will catch to another and another, until the whole world is aflame with love and joy and truth and harmony. It is coming. It is coming.

May you be a part of this great change. May you feel within your heart a desire to serve God and to serve your brothers and sisters with love and truth, comfort and healing, joy and light.

May God bless you upon this journey my friends, and thank you for listening to me. I am happy to be here with you today. I am with you in your efforts to help to make those contributions that will, in time, change the world. God bless you, beloved friends, I am Michael. God bless you.