Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 16, 2020
Location: Houston, TX

I am Mary. God knows your souls. God knows the desires of your souls. God anticipates your needs and desires for God knows you deeply, understands your struggles, your gifts, all that is within you. God sees you beyond the vision that you may have of yourself in the world. God sees everything. So when your soul has the desire to know the Truth of His Love, to drink from these Waters expressed through the Holy Spirit to your soul, God gives that soul the opportunity to recognise these desires and longings. God sends His angels to each soul who yearns, helping them to understand what this yearning is and how to direct this yearning to God’s Great Soul.

God nurtures each of His children, opening up doors and avenues to fulfil their needs and desires to be in the Light. God does not forsake anyone but gives those opportunities for each soul to come to realise its potential, its fulfillment, its purpose. The Love of God, the Essence of God is the Great Gift that God wishes to give to every soul, provided they desire this and long for it, and that this longing arises up from the soul into the conscious self and is expressed and understood and sent forth to God.

Every soul will have its opportunity to choose to pursue this Truth. Every soul is nurtured along the road that brings with it choices, experiences, realisations, wisdom and some measure of understanding. God does not leave anyone behind but in some way the longing of the soul is answered and responded to so that the opportunity is made available, the choice becomes evident and Love flows to each child in equal measure.

Do not pass up your opportunities, but walk along that path that God has opened for you. For, God has cleared many obstructions and has made it possible for you to grow within your soul and allow the transformative blessing of God to reside within and have its effects upon your soul. It is important at this time that you may accept this invitation that is given, that you may put into practice the Truth that has been offered and that you may find your way to that place of Truth and harmony and Love.

God is generous, generous in His Love, generous in his ministrations upon every soul, provided they are open to what is given and desire the bounteous Blessings of God. It does not require a dogma or belief, merely a longing, simple and direct, going to God, trusting in God, building faith within yourself. The sort of faith that does not allow the obstructions and darkness of this world to pull it apart or diminish it in any way.

It is the resolution and decision to nurture the soul that will bring all the gifts and blessings, a harmony and all the joy that you can possibly imagine. In God’s good time, all that is good and powerfully blessed will come to each soul who desires the Truth and  will come to know the power of His Love for all.

May you be blessed, my beloved children whom I pray for always, whom I have gathered around me, my beloved children whom I love. I am with you, I am Mary and I love you. My love is deep and abiding. I am your mother and I engulf you in love as God engulfs us all in His Love. Drink deep, beloved children, drink deep and know that God loves you. God bless you. I love you. God bless you.