Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 2, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am your teacher, Augustine. God has many plans and many efforts underfoot to bring about the salvation of humanity, to help the souls of those mortals here on Earth to come to the realisation of Truth and the realization of their own true selves and the potentials of their souls. God has seeded this world with many souls who have within them a sense of purpose, something which they have committed themselves to do for God and to do for humanity. Yes, there is a great plan afoot, a great plan indeed.

Though you may see your efforts focused upon this one great gift that you wish to have manifest in the world, I say to you, beloved souls, there will be many manifestations, many gifts expressed, many possibilities realised as this world continues to progress towards the great changes and unfoldment of its salvation, being reclaimed in the harmony of God’s Will and Creation. So I urge you, beloved souls, think of the moment, the moment that is now, a great opportunity to receive the gift of the Father’s Love, to walk in the Light of God’s Will and Presence with you, to be in harmony with His Laws of Love, to be uplifted and to seriously consider that God has opened for you many doors and opportunities to walk upon that road that is high, one that is the highest.

Consider this with each day that you have on this world for it is in those little things, those actions and thoughts and efforts and desires of the moment which create the possibilities of the future. Without your clear and powerful dedication to the awakening of your soul through God’s Love, you will not and cannot realise the fruition of these gifts. It is the opportunity of the moment, the possibility, the tests, even the trials and tribulations of life and your response to these aspects of life that will determine your future as a clear and powerful channel of God’s Will and Love in this world.

You cannot escape yourselves, that true and sensed condition of your soul. It is always with you. It will always be with you. Yet, often you choose to ignore this, entering into the busyness of your own material minds and this material world and make that your focus, developing your goals and intentions around these things that bring you towards the material concerns.

I would wish to encourage you to have faith, for when you put your focus upon God and upon your own soul, that these material concerns will be taken care of and will be in harmony. You will not be lost to some idea of what is spiritual that may take you from a grounded place of living upon this earth, for this is not the case. You will have your feet firmly planted upon this world for without such a condition prevailing within you, how can you do God’s work?  How can you move in the world as His channels of love? But this is only one aspect of life, one that you know well and live as best as you can in harmony with strength and integrity and light and love.

All that is required is a faith that you can walk in this world without the worries and cares, without the deep concerns, without fears and misunderstandings. Instead, you must walk in faith that you are taken care of, that God’s Hand is upon you, that all is well and shall be so. In this way, you may be uplifted into higher thoughts and consciousness of love and feel the joy of this, the surety of this place of being and expression in the world. 

You are all capable of this shift in consciousness and action, so that your intentions will be that which is deep within your souls. What will motivate you will be a desire for alignment with God and His Will and that you will walk forward in the world knowing, truly knowing with wisdom and knowing with joy, that you are doing God’s Will. 

Each day tests your resolve, beloved souls. Each day is a choice to walk that path in alignment with God or to continue to entertain those well-worn ideas and patterns of behaviour that are of the human condition. Every day is a test. Every day, a challenge and every day presents its opportunities for you to grow and awaken in deeper ways of being in this world of yours. We stand by you as you know.  You are never alone.  You are not forgotten, but you are precious, precious to God, precious to we who are with you.

God’s Love for you is beyond your comprehension but as you come closer to your own soul’s awareness, a deeper sense of this Love comes and abides within your thoughts and being with each moment. In this, we are able to come close, so to affect your lives in ways you may not even understand or anticipate at this moment. Indeed the power of love, the power of God’s Love in our souls and the gifts that we possess can bring about great blessings for you in your lives even in the practical terms of your lives. You must build that foundation within your soul and listen to the wisdom and Truth of your own soul that longs for God. In this longing, forging a great bond and connection with His great Soul. 

You will find that the changes that may come to you, choices that are different from that which you entertain at this moment, actions that may seem illogical or undesirable will come to be in harmony with you as your soul informs your mind the Will of God. You will find great comfort and strength, knowings and wisdom as you forge a greater alignment with God and do so in conscious ways. In this way, all gifts, all that is in harmony with God’s Will, all that is within His great plan that encompasses you all, will be realised and manifest in surprising and wondrous ways.

You will be joined by many others, others of many different faiths and ideas, religions, cultures, locations in your world for this great movement for changes and healing and light is not just within the grasp of those of you who walk in the Truth of God’s Love in a conscious way but with many others, many others who may entertain ideas and cultures far different from your own. But within their souls and within your soul is a great unity, a great understanding and sense that you are all together in the great wave of healing and light that is coming to your world. It is in this acceptance and acknowledgment of all who are a part of God’s plan that many possibilities will be realised and much will be understood.

My beloved, beloved students, know that you are upon the right path. You continue to progress upon that path. You have not stood still, not for a moment, but continue to grow and come closer to this realisation of which I speak. In times coming, times that are soon upon you, these things which I say will have more meaning and you will understand more clearly what it is that God wishes of you, what it is that is being directed towards you, and what it is that you will feel deep within your souls compelled to do and express in the world, gifts upon gifts unfolding and expressed in love. 

God Will will be there. God’s Will will bring all to you and you will bring all to many. You are closer. Each day you come closer and this brings us great joy to see your progress, to see that you continue with deep desire within your souls to be in the flow of God’s Will, His great river of Love carry you forward, ever forward upon this journey of service,  Truth, awakening and sharing your love. 

May God bless you upon that journey, beloved souls. I am your teacher, Augustine. My love is with you. May you feel this love that the angels have for each of you and know and realise within your hearts the great Love God has for you and make it your own, beloveds. Make it a true and living part of yourselves with each breath that you take. God bless you. Your teacher Augustine, I am with you and I love you. God bless you.