Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 8, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Andrew. I’ve come to speak on the laws of rapport and communication since this is the subject that is most keen in your thoughts together as each of you evolves in your abilities to communicate with we in the Celestial Kingdom. There are two things that are crucial in this. One is to know and receive an abundance of God’s Divine Love and the other is intention. You are well aware of how to receive God’s Love and you do indeed have an abundance within your souls. Each one here has a brightly lit soul touched by God’s Love. As for intentions, this is a more complex matter. Though often you pray to be of service, to be an instrument of God, a channel of love, does this go any further than a vague intention to do so?

When there is an opportunity, an invitation to serve in a specific way that does not meet your expectations, there is some reticence. Yet, because you do not truly understand the faculties of your soul, even the capabilities of your spirit, it is hard to be focused upon one thing, one intention to serve. All is a discovery. All unfolds as you grow in Love. It is advisable that you do not restrict your thinking in regards to your instrumentalities, your gifts, for you barely know your own gifts, beloved souls. You just scratch the surface as you say and have fleeting experiences, shifts, and awareness, knowings that come and are often forgotten or ignored. But these things are often an indicator as to what is possible within you, though often these experiences are far removed from your daily life and do not mesh with your everyday thinking and perception.

Eruptions of these experiences, insights, knowings are indicative of an active soul and which at times reaches your conscious mind bringing some kernel of truth, some flash of awareness, some sense and feeling that is often a common element, an aspect of the soul’s awakening.

As we have often encouraged you and have indicated, one must bring together the consciousness of the soul and the consciousness of the mind in harmony so that there is a free interplay of knowledge and awareness, of truth and wisdom. This is the ideal, this is what we wish for each one of you to awaken to. Though in your mind you believe it requires great thought and effort, truly it does not. It is the release of the well-worn perspectives of the mind giving way to the awakening soul that is bubbling forth with a different perspective of new thoughts, new perceptions and a joyful understanding awakening in love.

With this, intentions are different, intentions evolve as what you desire within your souls is often different from your mind. Laying the foundation so that we may communicate with you in whatever way that is within your make-up and gifts, will be a unique experience. Each of you approaches this differently, some have a deep desire, yet judge that they are not aware or do not have the experiences that they expect to have. Others roll along in their daily life with little expectation, except to be in harmony, to walk in love, to be at peace.

This second perspective is most productive. The mind then does not overshadow the workings of the soul which is so very different. Things come reflexively from the soul. Shifts and changes are not inhibited from the strong expectations and biases of the mind. There is an opening and an openness that is intrinsically a part of the conscious make-up of your being and your soul particularly.

Yet some of you are very driven, have high expectations, are intense in your thinking, and often very judgmental as to who and what you are in the world. Seeking perfection is not the answer, beloveds. Seeking grace is the way of the soul. A soul ignited with love, with this easy flow, this graceful attitude, this faithful and consistent perspective, many gifts are allowed to unfold and awaken in their harmonious ways.

Though I describe the ideal for those of you who live on Earth, you to some degree carry some restrictions and expectations and mindful biases. Yet these things are broken down slowly by the power of the Love within your soul. Influencing, calming the mind, bringing those thoughtful expectations to heel so that the true perspective of the soul may emerge uninhibited and clear.

In this way, one may gauge the level of rapport, at least conscious rapport, with an angel by the level of allowing the soul’s perspective to take hold in a conscious way. Those of you who are frustrated but have a deep desire to know us, know that this comes with the disciplining of your mind, ensuring that it does not interfere with these deeper communications.

I tell you that those who do not have these clear communications with us are not subject to a soul that has less of God’s Love within it. This is not the case. I do not give you more ammunition to criticize yourself in unloving ways. There are those in the world who have a natural propensity for spirit communication. They are gifted. There are those in the world who have a strong mind which does not often facilitate easy communication.

Each soul has a soul. Each soul will experience their connections with God and with us in their own way. It is important for that individual to understand and accept the ways of which God has blessed them, the gifts which God has given them within their soul. In this acceptance and love for oneself, an appreciation of one’s unique gifts, this rapport and communication in whatever form that it takes will increase and unfold in harmony.

It is such a common thing for mortals to look upon another and say “This is what I wish to be. This individual I admire and wish to be like them.” Yet this may often be folly for they are very different in their make-up. Yet one often sees that they are more beautiful than another for they are indeed a beautiful soul loved by God and blessed with many gifts.

There is no need for comparison. There is only the true intention and desire to be a realized soul in this flow of God’s gift of life. In the possibilities of serving God in love, you are each unique. When you align your intentions with the possibilities of your gifts, then there will be joy, upliftment and recognition. You will be an effective channel of love in the world bringing forth what God intends to use you to bless another, to bring light into this world, to indeed be a clear and beautiful channel of love.

Allow your intentions to be an expression of your own unique soul. Do not confuse the expectations of your mind, those needs and desires of the material mind that observes the world and creates a sort of reality, a paradigm of thought and expectation that is wholly constructed by these experiences rather than the purity of truth that comes with the soul awakened and able to perceive such.

Beloved souls, you continue upon this journey of awakening. You continue to be challenged by these two aspects of yourselves. Though your minds seek dominance and your soul gently continue to awaken, there will come a time when this balance of awareness that is harmonious and clear and beautiful will come. It is not far off. You are just awakening, beloved souls. Your gifts are just emerging. There is so much more that will come in this journey.

God continues to pour His Love within your soul and His intention is that you will emerge as the beautiful being that you are meant to be, full of so much that is of light and love. It continues to emerg and, continues to be expressed . You, beloved souls, are coming to recognize your own beauty and love yourselves from what you see and recognize as a gift from God.

May God bless you with His Love, my beloved friends. May you indeed forge your own way of knowing us, communicating with us. For we convey the Will of God. We continue to work as the intermediaries between God and yourself so that you may in a conscious way know the steps to be taken, the flow that is meant and blessed by God. As you continue to awaken, you will come closer not only to us but to the Heavenly Father. His being will be recognized by the faculties of your soul and the deeper communion and rapport with God will ensue with this awakening.

May God bless you, beloveds. Andrew loves you. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you.