Spirit:  Augustine

Medium:  Al Fike

Date:  July 26, 2014

Location:  Gibsons, BC

Your teacher Augustine here.  So as you see the events of the world do not unfold to the Will of God but to the will of man.  And indeed, it is easy to blame God for the wrong doings of mankind but it is not correct.  God gives to all the gift of free will.  God gifts all with this power to choose and indeed in this way, great good and great negativity can be in the world at the same time, because of this choice, because of the efforts of man.  Indeed you wish to align yourself with the will of God and you do in your prayers and you do often in your actions and for this you are mightily blessed.  But yes, we cannot control the events of the world in the way that you would like us to, that you desire us to, to make all easy and orderly and without strife.  But alas, we are limited in our efforts as well because of the power of free will and the grave conditions that mankind has established in this world.  This is not to say that we are powerless to influence man, for we can and put forth our efforts on your behalf and for the benefit of many who pray and seek the light, who desire the Will of God to become the will of man.   And in time, as you grow in the love and your soul grows in wisdom, in insight and perception with the love, you will see your way through more clearly.  You will understand to some extent the events to come and will adjust accordingly.

Indeed the flow of the events in this world are not altogether predictable, are not altogether under the control of God.  There is an element of chaos and changeability and this does make it difficult at times for you and for us to accomplish our goals, to bring God’s Will to manifest in our world.  So, my children, your prayers are required, your influence is required, your acceptance that not all may unfold with complete harmony or predictability. Difficulties do arise that are unanticipated, but we will always be with you no matter the difficulties.  God is always with you, no matter the difficulties and in this alliance that you have with Heaven, with your Creator, with the Love flowing within your lives much of that darkness, much of that chaos, much of those conditions set about by humans, is turned to light and harmony within your lives and all that is around you.  And you must have faith in the power of this and you must at times have patience for the conditions in the world are difficult, the conditions in the world bring strife, the conditions in the world are far from the conditions in the Celestial Heavens, very far.

When you pass into Spirit, these situations, this impinging darkness will not beset you and cause you strife.  But until that day, you are mortal.  You will deal, you must deal with these conditions each and every day, and it is the power of your free will, your choice, your efforts which will determine how you deal with these conditions, what is manifest, what unfolds.  We cannot interfere with your free will.  We will not, for this is your precious life and it is for you to grow, to learn, to strengthen, to love, to understand the nature of life, the nature of Creation, the being that is your Creator and the being that is you, the created.

Indeed is it not a wondrous path, a glorious journey ? Yes, at times beset with difficulty but think of all those joyous moments, those wondrous times when your life is a manifestation of love and your prayers bring these blessings to you.  Yes, life does have this mixture of light and dark, harmony and disharmony.  It has been like this since the beginning, but God is making a great effort.  We are making a greater effort to bring harmony and light to this world.  And for you, my children, you are required to set yourself within the flow of this, to know God’s Will and to not choose the dark but to choose light.  Your complaints to God are not what is required.  What is required is your love.  This will open the door.  The judgments of yourselves and of others are not required for this will bring darkness to you and disharmony within.

I know that it is difficult to accept all that is within your lives.  I know that there are struggles.  I know that at times you feel inadequate and uncared for but this is not true.  You have all that you require to set forth upon your path and you are truly loved and cared for.  If you only knew, my children, if you only knew the power of this truth, the grace that is given, the protection, the light, how we diligently work to inspire, to lead you forth as God’s great hand touches all.  If you only knew, you would indeed fall upon your knees in joy, in wonderment for you are truly loved and God has claimed your souls as His children, as His beautiful Creations and you are coming to understand this.  Your eyes are slowly opening, the scales peel away, and with each day comes a little more vision and understanding.  Make your choices, my children.  Desire love in all things, walk in this path of light and love and God will take care of the rest.  Truly God will take care of you all.  

God bless you.  Your teacher Augustine is always by your side and desires that you learn each day a little more truth, bring yourselves each day a little closer to God, to open a little wider, to His presence within.  And so shall you do, all of these, so you are set upon the path, feet firmly placed and you will be given all that you require.  Do not doubt this but rejoice in this.  Rejoice in every day given, every opportunity blessed, every bit of life held close within you, the greatest gift of all.  God bless you.  God bless you.  I love you.