Spirit: Keea Atta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 5, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Blessings to you, beloved souls. I am Keea Atta Kem. This dear instrument has been blessed with a deep intuition and he has moved through his life on a wave of feeling and intuitively understanding the elements of life. And so, for him to receive this gift of Love, there is a deep intuitive understanding of this experience because he has known his own soul for many years, it is as he says, an easy blessing to receive to consciously receive.

For many of you beloved souls, who have travelled through your life experiences utilizing the faculties of your material mind and moving through the conditions of this world that are not altogether conducive to this sensitivity. It is understandable that some will not feel this gift so intensely or know even that they have received this gift.

But I tell you, beloved souls, each of you has indeed received this blessing to some degree. Your souls yearn and long to receive more, to know this blessed union with God in prayer, in love, in deep peace, in a way of knowing that goes beyond the mind. Beloved souls, as you continue to make efforts to be in this flow of Love, to release all conditions that may obstruct and divert your attentions from this gift and this experience, you will come to know this beautiful gift as a reflexive experience from your prayers and longings of the heart.

Yes, some are more gifted than others, more sensitive than others, or able to know and to recognize the cues that are a part of this experience. But, for those who do not feel the inflowing of the Divine Love within their souls, this does not mean that they are not receiving this Love, for indeed they are. The yearning of the soul, which each and every one of you are well aware of, is what brings the Holy Spirit to convey this gift of Love. God answers each and every prayer that is sincere and as this great yearning that is expressed to God, so there is a response. This is the law in action, the Law of Love.

So for those who struggle with this conscious awakening of the soul, I tell you that as long as you are sincere in your efforts, your prayers, and your desires that God will find a way to bring to you a conscious understanding, some powerful experience, some form of awakening that will confirm to you this Truth. Nothing will hold God from reaching you and bringing you to a close rapport and understanding of your Heavenly Father.

Much awaits every soul who yearns for this gift, for it is indeed the law that the soul will awaken, be changed and transformed by the gift of Divine Love. Each of you have come to some experience, some awakening as God peels the scales from your eyes, opens your ears, opens your minds to this Truth and this experience of Love. God continues to gift you with many blessings and guides you along the road that will bring many awakenings and experiences.

Each of you knows that you are on the right road and will come to a powerful awakening that will indeed change you and bring you to Truth and bring you to God. This gift and the power of this gift will do so in time, in faith, in prayer so you will be blessed, beloved souls.

I am Keea Atta Kem and I bless you, beloveds. I bless you in light and my love flows to you to help lighten your way and bring to you deep insight and recognition of your soul. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds. Keea loves you.