Spirit:  John the Beloved

Medium:  Al Fike

Date:  December 1, 2014

Location:  Gibsons, BC

God bless you, beloved souls, who come together in prayer, who come together because they desire fellowship, who come because their souls yearn for the love of God.  And in this yearning, you all express yourselves to God and create a light amongst you that is powerful and beautiful as God responds to your prayers, your soul longings and bring you fully into His presence.  Beloved souls, can you see how precious is this circle and how rare this is for mortals to come together in this way with this purity of intention, with this soul desire?  

Yes, many seek light and live the Love within their souls in this world but few have the clarity of understanding of this truth.  And I would urge you to express this clarity, this truth that is within you in all that you do, wherever you go and how you are in the world, my children.  For God needs you to be an example of this Love to carry this light within you and to allow it to flow through you freely and abundantly.  For every soul longs for this, every soul cries out to be loved.  And for those of you who have been long and hard upon this path, I beseech you to continue in your prayers and your desires to serve God, to work for these ends to accumulate the wisdom that comes from your expression in this world and from the love that pours into you.

You have learned great lessons, my children.  You have sought to grow within yourselves.  You have sought to release the burdens of your pains and errors and you have indeed made great progress. There are times when you find it difficult to acknowledge this but I tell you there is great light within each one of you.  Indeed it is your challenge to love yourselves and in so doing to truly love your fellow man.  May you walk in faith beloveds, walk in simplicity and humility and may your ears open to God’s guidance, that still voice within you.

May you walk with surety, peace and joy.  This will come, the surety will come and you are already drawn within your souls, it awaits your acknowledgement, it awaits for you to put aside your resistance, your suspicions and to accept God’s Will and accept the burning light within you.

It will come.  It is indeed part of you and at times you do acknowledge it.  There will be a time in your life this will be the predominant motivation and consciousness within you, the desires of your souls and to know God’s Will and for that channel of love within you to be a mighty river flowing through you to the world.  This is the power of God’s Love.  This is the healing of God’s Love.  This is the wisdom of God’s Love.  And it is the truth that burns within you that will clear away all of the obstacles, doubts and the distorted perceptions.  

Bless you, my beloveds, bless you.  I am John and I love you.  I love you.   (long pause)

Drink deep, my children, for God’s Love pours upon you in great abundance in this moment.  Drink deep, open wide, accept this gift that it may move your soul ever closer to God.