Spirit: Luke
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 13, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Luke and I have come to speak to you about the soul since this is the focus of your gathering and your questions and your efforts to clarify your understanding of who and what you truly are. What is your essence? Your essence is your soul. The soul is a being, an entity created by God that has resided most of its existence within God in a place that is wholly different from the material world. In that place, the soul experiences itself to some degree and experiences God more fully because all of the material impediments do not restrict the soul from God.

There is a sort of communion and communing between the soul and the great Soul of God. Think of it as the Soul of God pregnant with other souls, tiny droplets that are a reflection of itself, the reflection of God. Although it is not entirely accurate to think of a soul as a potential of a God becoming, that when it reaches its fullness of expression that it is God. This is not the case. But it is a very special creation of God, very unique. Each soul, as you know, is unique in its make-up, its potentials, even personality, and gifts.

So this potential that is the soul, divides into two parts and enters the material plane and becomes a mortal, birthed into different dimension from whence it came, a dimension very different indeed. In this, the soul gains identity. It becomes more of itself rather than that place where it is in a way merged with so many in this ecstatic condition of Love that is God.

In the process of becoming its true self, the awakening of all its potentials, of knowing its uniqueness and expressing its uniqueness in many, many different ways and aspects that is the soul, this is not accomplished completely without one special gift, the gift of Divine Love, the activating Energies of God that awaken the God-given gifts and potentials that are given to the soul. A soul may obtain identity in your world and continue to progress through the spheres of spirit to that of the sixth plane, pure and beautiful, where all impediments of its natural qualities and nature are refined and eliminated to a point where many aspects of the individual may be expressed and developed.

But still, there are many more potentials waiting within the soul that cannot be developed in this way. So, you, my beloveds, seek the way of Love, the way of developing and awakening these true aspects of yourself that remain hidden in the soul. You elicit the great Essence of God so that it may complete this process of coming into yourself, your true self, the soul, in all its beauty and glory, its potentials and expressions, its gifts awakened in Love.

The soul has no material quality. It is purely of spirit. It is purely of the Substance of God. This is why religious scholars, philosophers, teachers, so many in your world who have tried to define the soul, cannot do so with any accuracy, without igniting the soul faculties and perceptions. Even then, the impediments of the material mind and the material world restrict one’s ability to communicate this Truth, this experience of self and this experience of self with God in union and communion.

This is why you find it so difficult to convince your brothers and sisters of this existence of soul and what it means and what it is. For you are yourselves in the process of discovering this Truth, of awakening to your true self. That awakening is beginning. There are tentative steps towards the fullness of the transformative process of the soul awakened by God’s Love, but you, my beloved souls, my friends, who are eager to know truth, who are eager to know yourselves, have your feet firmly upon that path and will find the answers to your questions to some degree in this world. Yet, as you progress in the next, many revelations await you and will come to your knowings and perceptions. In this, a great joy, a great joy and being freed from the expectations of the mind and fulfilled in the openness, the opening of your soul to God. For the great gift of the soul is the gift of knowing God, of being able to relate to God in the ways that God relates to you, to coming to know God through the perceptions of the soul.

In this relationship, comes an understanding of your true nature, your true selves. For God puts within your soul faculties and abilities that are beyond the reasoning qualities of the material mind and the perceptions of the material mind. For these perceptions of the material can never truly know God nor truly know your own soul. You must rely upon these other avenues, these other ways of knowing, perceiving, and experiencing that come from the soul to awaken this relationship. When this relationship is awakened and known and utilised, when there is a conversation of sorts between you and God, many revelations come. God gives to you in all His generosity and Love, the knowledge of His universe, the knowledge of Truth.

For when the faculties of the soul are awakened, so the possibilities of understanding these gifts that God has to give come to be within you. Your capacity to love and to express yourselves in all the beauty of your gifts, all the beauty of what and who you are come to be realised as you come closer to the very Essence of what God is. In this way, you come closer to the very essence of who you are and what you are capable of.

As you rise up into this light, this vibration as you call it, and the resonance between you and God becomes more complete, more attuned, more in harmony, then the entire universe of God comes to you and your conscious self. In all of this, your identity, your sense of self is not lost. Instead, it becomes more complete, full of many more aspects, like a diamond that is rough and is polished and the many facets revealed. The light of your own soul sparkles through its many facets and are reflected into the universe. It is your soul expressing the multiplicity of what it is, this great and wondrous and highest creation of God which is the soul of the human being.

I know I speak in esoteric terms and it is difficult for you to understand without the experience, without the journey bringing you further forward into this understanding. But I believe that you sense the magnitude and the complexity and the beauty that is the soul.

When the soul merges with its soul mate, there is even greater understanding and awareness that comes, given this transformative experience and existence of the soul redeemed by the Father’s Love. The capacities and gifts of the soul are multiplied by this merging of the two aspects of the soul into one. The depth of joy and wonderment and beauty that comes with this is beyond my explanation to you. But if you imagine the most joyful and ecstatic moment in your life and multiply that a thousand-fold, you may come to realise an inkling of what this might be.

God has laid before His beautiful creations, the souls of humanity, a magnificent journey that never ends. It is all done in His Love for us and His care and nurturing of His beautiful creation which is the soul. Even now, in the beginnings of your journey, you have a sense of appreciation and gratitude for what God has created. In comparison to that place where your soul is redeemed, merged, and made into something new and wondrous, you only see a very small glimmer of what is. Yet you are drawn. Your souls know. Your souls feel the magnetism to move forward into this magnificent journey of awakening, of love, of being.

You will receive each day a little particle of Truth, a drop of Love. You inch your way closer. You have a sense of purpose and direction, of depth and meaning in life. This can only intensify as you pray and receive this gift of Love. Continue to seek and to step forward upon the path. And though this process and journey may seem slow and mysterious and you question so much with your minds, within your soul is an emerging joy, a sense of excitement, a sense of surety that you are indeed upon the path that is the path of a soul awakened in Love.

So, my beautiful brothers and sisters, you cannot know the soul with your mind. You may speculate and imagine. You may go deeper and feel to some degree the experience of this transformational process and the sense of Love that comes from God. But I tell you that when you feel this draw to God, to His Love, does this not motivate you and urge you forward to seek more, to experience more, to allow the experience to inform your understanding so that it may give you true insight, true perception of what it is that we are all seeking and what it is that we are all experiencing upon this journey of soul awakening?

With each day, there is a small change, a small inching forward in this process. You continue to awaken in this incremental way as you adjust and adjust to these shifting perceptions, shifting motivations, shifting understandings. So it becomes second nature to you, beloved souls. So it is the dawning of a new understanding and truth. Allow this to be absorbed within you fully, every part of you. For the soul is the core of your being and informs all that you are whether you are aware or not.

The condition of your soul, the light of your soul influences and affects all other parts of your being. It seeks to integrate all in Light. As you receive God’s Love so this Love seeks to connect, to bring together everything within you, and to heal it in Love and bring a complete understanding of all that you are in this way.

Beloved souls, you will know more as time progresses. You will understand more as Love accumulates within your souls. You will come to know God with such depth and wisdom and joy as this Love continues to integrate all that you are into one whole that is the awakened soul.

God bless on that journey, beloved souls. God bless you. I am Luke. My love is with you. God bless you.