Spirit:  Judas

Medium:  Al Fike

Date:  October 11, 2014

Location:  Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, this is Judas.  I have not spoken through this instrument for quite some time.  And I am close to him because he reads my messages, the book that is named with my name, and I impress upon him the truths which I intended to convey through this effort.  Yes, I am the Judas that betrayed our beloved Master and in this betrayal I suffered greatly.  But it was the power of God’s Love which indeed was the message that our beloved Master gave to the world, it was the power of God’s Love that redeemed me and brought me from Hell to Heaven, from darkness to light, from deep remorse and sadness to joy and liberation.  The power of God’s Love can do this.  It can lift up any soul who is willing to receive this blessing, to walk this path.  I ask merely that you beseech your Heavenly Father, the Creator, to be gifted with this Love.  Every soul has this choice no matter where they reside and who they are, and what they have done in their lives.

Every soul has the opportunity to receive this gift for it is meant for every soul.  It is a saving grace, the beloved touch, the peace that passes all understanding, the healing of your very being.  It has the power to transform you and make you into that being which has the potential within but cannot be expressed without this gift.  Every soul is like a seed waiting for the warmth of Love and with love the opening that comes with this touch from your Heavenly Father.  And in this germination, this opening and this transformation you become a new and wondrous being .You cannot underestimate the power of this gift to bring you all that you truly desire, all that you truly need, and to bring within you a wondrous revolution and evolution of your being that will indeed bring you joy beyond measure, understanding beyond anything that can be obtained by the material mind and the greatest gift,  to be with your Heavenly Father in atonement.  What other path is worth pursuing; this goal of being with God, your Creator in a way that is truly beyond your understanding at this time but indeed each of you has a glimpse, a spark, a desire to be in that place of complete and utter joy, a blissful reunion of opening up your being and your consciousness to all that is in creation and all that you are as a creation of your Heavenly Father.  Seek the Love, seek it with all your being.  Seek the Love, ask for this gift and you will feel it burning deep within, eliciting you to seek in greater depths, in greater yearning.  And indeed you will grow within your souls.  And this new being, this being that is dormant shall emerge and you will be transformed.

Beloved souls, you are blessed to know this truth.  You will continue to glean the understanding, the appreciation, the joy of knowing this truth.  You will walk this road of light and many, many events will take place in your life that will be an expression of your true selves in this world, an expression of God’s love for you and the results of a channel of love opening up within you to touch many souls in this world.

Yes, there is great potential, possibilities, wondrous roads ahead from this simple act of going to your Heavenly Father to receive His Divine Love.  Walk this road, beloveds.  Seek the light of truth and you will receive as you ask.  You will be cared for.  You will be healed and blessed.  All the ways that are open, the desires of these blessings.  Breathe it in, breathe it in.  Then give your love to God.  Thank you for listening to my words and for the opportunity to speak.  I will come again.  I love you all, beloved souls.  Seek ye the Kingdom and all things shall come unto you, my beloveds.  God bless you.  Judas loves you.