Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 8, 2019
Location: Sydney, AU

Beloved souls, Confucius here. I bring my blessings to you, beloved souls, intrepid travelers upon the Path Divine who have committed themselves to teach this Truth to whoever will listen, whoever is on your path, that God has placed you upon this path and journey of teaching and service and love. Be assured that God’s Hand is upon each one of you, that you will be blessed. When God compels you to speak, speak, beloved souls. When God compels you to give love, love, beloved souls. When God compels you to be a channel of healing and peace, give from your heart.

God can ask of you nothing less than this and nothing more: to be humble, to walk in Light, to be a loving channel for all you meet. Do not fear another’s response to your earnest efforts to be a channel of Love for you cannot be responsible for them and their thoughts and actions only that you step forward in light, only that you step forward in humility and grace and love.

As you encounter those whom you know and love and those who you do not know, realize that every encounter is a blessing, a gift to you and an opportunity to be an example of God’s Love. It is in the example, in who you are and how you are in the world that the greatest teaching is given. You are each knowledgeable of the Truth of God. You are each well-grounded in the Love of God. Consider that you might be a clear channel, one who walks in the Grace of God and that this condition of Light and Love is what you must cultivate in your lives.

Your mindful expectations are often misplaced, beloved souls. When you can stare into the eyes of another, realizing that this is another of God’s precious souls and say a prayer: “Father, whatever way you wish to use me to bless this individual, please use me now to touch, embrace, to bring joy and upliftment, to bring Truth and clarity.”

It is difficult for you to know the needs of another. You cannot see yet with the eyes of your soul so clear that you can do exactly what is required. But when you say a prayer to be used in service to God, God will utilize what gifts you have and what is possible to come through you to touch that soul. Though your mind may not be equipped to recognize this blessing for that individual, have faith that you have done your work, that that soul has been blessed, that seeds have been planted, that love is given. One day those seeds will germinate and grow into something beautiful.

You do your work, beloved souls, and God is well pleased, well pleased with your efforts. His blessings upon you, awakening, awakening all that is within. Little birds, when you fly, know that you have the escort of angels. You are blessed and protected and loved.

God bless you. God bless you. Confucius loves you.