Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 12, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Greetings to you, my friends. I am Orion. I’ve been with this instrument since his awakening this morning. I wish to thank him for his willingness to cooperate with me tomorrow with our presentation to the symposium that is planned, for many are curious and yet many are skeptical. This is a good opportunity to present information in such a way that it will assure those who are skeptical. It will assure those who are skeptical that there is validity to this connection between myself and this instrument. There will be many opportunities in the future where we will speak together. Of course, it is our hope that we will manifest to those who are present and speak directly to them. Hence, our great efforts together and the efforts of the many who are involved, many hundreds who are involved in this great endeavour. 

Changes are upon you now, my beloved friends. Great change will continue to unfold as God’s plan unfolds for the destiny of humanity. But I must say that the expression and unfolding of this plan will not be one of ease and comfort and reassurance but one where many things that you have come to rely upon and ways of life that have brought great comfort and security to you will be no more. Thus, you, along with all of your brothers and sisters upon this planet, must make great adjustments and assume that the world as it is will not be sustained nor will the world that is coming have much similarity to what has been and is at this moment.

This is why we are preparing you. We are continuing to voice our perceptions and concerns to all who will listen. With great change, all those things that man has constructed in his own image, that which is not in harmony with God’s laws and plan, must capitulate. In the ashes, the phoenix will rise and a new world will be born, a world that is different indeed but is in much greater harmony with God. Your lives will be simplified. Your ways of interacting will be somewhat limited. Although, as the challenge of a new situation emerges, the gifts and capacities that you have to communicate with one another will be expedited and emerge in powerful ways, surprising ways for each of you.

You will not feel a sense of isolation and disconnection from your brothers and sisters around the world. Rather, that sense will be augmented and intensified by your abilities and gifts to communicate mind to mind, soul to soul. In all of this chaos, in all of this recalibration of how humanity lives upon the Earth plane, the many spirits, angels, and those of us who are your brothers and sisters will converge upon your planet and assist you in the uplifting and reshaping of your world as God’s Hand is upon all that is to be, all that will happen.

So, there will be harmony rather than great pain and distress and difficulty. Although, if you ascribe to this response and reaction to what has taken place, then indeed you will experience this as will many upon your Earth plane, a great distress and fear, confusion. But as you have been told and taught, it is for you to be the rock, the steadiness that will bring truth to humanity and assure humanity that what has taken place is necessary for the consequences of what humanity has created and would continue to create would be far harsher than what will happen at this time. For humanity, given its own devices, desires, and intentions, would have created deeper darkness and greater destruction. This cannot be, for God cannot allow His precious Earth to be destroyed, to be abused, and to be downtrodden in darkness, though there is much of these conditions in the world.

What you are experiencing today is both light and dark but what could come in the future has no light and greater darkness. So, the resetting and recalibration of life upon the Earth is now in process and will intensify in many ways. I urge you to be in prayer, to seek guidance, to walk in this world in such a way that you will come to accept what is coming and prepare in ways and means that we have instructed you. You have been given much information about what is to come. 

You have prayed somewhat diligently in preparation for this. But I say, as your earthly time marches on, there will be events that will be dramatic and difficult to comprehend. The world will feel as if it has been turned upside down. You must find your equilibrium, beloved friends, in such a chaotic world. You are used to the luxuries, the pleasantness, the comforts, and the abundance of the material life. Many things you take for granted and many things you have come to rely upon and see as necessities.

I do not wish to engender fear within you, my friends, but to tell you that your greatest comfort and your greatest necessity is your relationship with God, the Creator of All. For in building this relationship ever stronger and wider, expansive in its scope, you will be guided in such a way, provided for in such a way that the deprivation of those things that will fall away from you will not be felt. Rather, you will adjust to a new way of being in the world, come to understand that the world must be this way in order for God’s plan to be fulfilled.

Many of you do not see yourselves as leaders nor as great channels of light and expressions of truth. But I say to you within your soul is a great light and that light must come to the fore liberated from the restrictions of your mind, restrictions that have been well in place for all of your life. Now is the time to loosen those restrictions, to be free of your fears, your cautions, and awaken to that part of you that is far beyond the limited capacity of your minds and will be able not only to cope with the changes that are coming but to thrive within it.

This is God’s intention for you and for all of His children. But because He will not thwart free will, it will be up to each individual to choose. As the choice becomes obvious and intense, so humanity will not be able to turn its face away from the choice given and the conditions present. There is a desire within every individual to survive and to thrive. This will be the primary motivation of many. But the way of survival in the new world will be nothing like that which has been a part of the old world. So, you must come to the realization that you cannot take with you those accoutrements of a material life that are contrary to the Laws of God’s Creation.

It is not that you will be laid bare and naked and without any shelter or ability to be safe from the intransigence of the material world. But rather, your view of these things and the way in which you utilize your life expressed will be dramatically different. You will not see that these necessities, as you call them of today, as important or required for tomorrow. A great detachment will come into your consciousness and a great faith will emerge as you walk in the world as a precious soul of God’s creation rather than one that is hobbled by the error and great human condition that continues to thrive in your world.

Beloved souls, I speak to you seriously today because it is time to speak out. It is time to accept your fate. It is time to release your attachments to the material and seek a spiritual life. Not one who retreats to a cave away from humanity but one who steps forward in light and speaks of a world that is coming and a new way of being that is meant to be. 

Yes, those who have been prophets in the past have been persecuted, maligned, and disbelieved. It is always thus with humanity for humanity has great resistance to change. Indeed, this resistance will be the great enemy of the coming future but this future is coming swiftly. The intensity of it will cause great panic and concern. So, it is for you to be calm, of great faith, and to ask the questions that are necessary: “How may I be in unity and harmony with God’s plan? How may I accept the changes and the necessary adjustments and shifts of consciousness and soul that are needed in order to prepare for this new world? How may I serve you God? How may I open to the insights, perceptions that are needed in order to serve you correctly, my dear and beloved Creator? How may I wash myself of all those things within my mind that continue to lead me down a road that is not in harmony with God? How may I be liberated from the power of the human condition, free and alive in the light and wonderment of God’s creation, living by the Laws of Love, responding without judgment, fear, and all those things of the human condition?”

These things you must ask yourself, my friends. For to truly prepare, you must open yourselves in trust and faith in God’s plan and in the preparation that God has laid before you and within you in order to be a part of this plan. Are you strong enough? Are you willing? Can you let go of all those needs and addictions and patterns that keep you firmly entrenched upon this unfortunate path that leads to oblivion. You must see beyond this, my friends. You must act in accordance to this new and emerging part of you which is your soul expressed in different, compelling, and often surprising ways. 

Yes, there will be some in your world who will believe you have gone mad. Maybe within your mind you also will believe this. But in truth, you will have come to that place that is in alignment with God and express your true selves. Upwardly, at least in the beginning, this will not appear to be so much different from your usual expression. But as you continue to awaken and open yourselves and go beyond these conditions which I speak of, there will be inevitable changes and remarkable expressions and manifestations through you, for in this alignment, you open a great portal to God. In such a portal, you will be able to manifest many things. A great wisdom will come upon you, a knowing of God’s Will, a manifestation of His blessings, His Light, His Love, His feeling, and even of the material things that you may require in the future.

You will come to know us, your dear friends, and as palpable as those whom you know upon the Earth plane. Yes, these changes will be great. The shift of consciousness will be great. The expression of your life will be great and different. But you will be the forerunners, my friends. You will join with others showing the way, manifesting the truth in such powerful ways that many cannot deny you. Those who are full of fear will come to you in hope and trust and desire to be released from their condition and fear. In many cases, you will put your hand upon that individual and the fear will leave and the joy will come. They will know peace. Much healing will manifest. Those who are hungry will not know hunger. Those who are rageful will release their rage and come to tears and seek out the light that is so needed.

All that is coming is designed to break the great hold humanity has on these earthly conditions and to bring about liberation, truth, and light, to bring about the new world, a world where love may manifest freely. Those who are a part of your world, this world, will seek to build something beautiful and in greater alignment with God. It is a wondrous time to be alive, my friends. Many, many events, opportunities, and things of remarkable nature will come to be in your personal lives and in your service and instrumentality. 

Come to think about these questions that I have offered you, my friends. Come to contemplate and pray about them. See what comes forth as God answers your questions, as your soul responds to your mind’s questioning, for much can come as you open yourselves willingly with desire and trust and faith to God. 

We are with you and will never leave. In fact, we will be closer and closer, your true friends as will your angel friends and many more, even those upon the Earth plane who are a part of this great beginning. Your lives will open up in ways that you cannot fathom at this time. But indeed, these openings will bring great joy and relief and affirmation and all that which you need in order to step forward in confidence and strength.

May God bless you with His Love, my beloved friends, for it is the power of this Love that awakens all, that opens up all that which I have spoken of that is a part of you and your destiny. May God bless you, my friends. I am Orion. I am happy to be with you today, this beautiful day of a new beginning. God bless you.