Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 14, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Seretta Kem. I have been involved with this instrument and others in many forms of developing mediumship and ways of communicating between your world and ours. I am pleased that you are considering the possibility of communication between yourselves and we of the Celestial Kingdom. There is a great lack of understanding and knowledge concerning communication between you of the Earth plane, who are essentially spiritual beings, and we in the spirit world who do not have a fleshy body from which to operate and express ourselves. Yet, we have all experienced this condition of earthly life and understand the joys and the challenges of such.

This world of yours would be so much benefitted by these forms of communication if, like any gift and potential, are developed and utilised in a positive way. So much can be shared with each one of you; so much wisdom and knowledge, so much in the way of blessings, of healing, of light and peace, so much love can be shared between you and ourselves. Not just in the way that I am communicating at this moment, but at any given moment in your lives. For, each of you has the potential to be aware of us that are with you. I wish to assure you all that we are with you often. There is always a spirit or an angel with you at all times. I know some are very wary of these possibilities of communication, that indeed it is difficult to control, that you may be vulnerable to the conditions that are open through these sorts of communications, that there is much to consider in these possibilities. But I want to tell you my friends, that these gifts will not be open to you until you are in harmony with such a process and awakening and are responsible in terms of the form of communication and the level of communication.

It is important that you reach for the highest, my friends, as you do so in your groups together, reaching for God, reaching to receive the gift of Divine Love. This must always be the foundation from which we may move forward in other avenues such as communication between ourselves and you. This comes with the awakening of the soul. It is important that you put this blessing and journey above all else, that you are with God, in harmony with God’s Laws, in harmony with Love. In this way, all that comes to you will be a benefit and a blessing. All that we do for you, beloved souls, all that is available to you in the ways of blessings and guidance, is done in love, in the flow of God’s Love. So, we are anxious and eager to assist you in these higher ways of communication so that indeed you may be guided with each day. Yes, we have a motive and that motive is for each one of you to be used as God’s instruments and channels of Love in the world, and that you may do so more effectively with these forms of communication that will help you to be clear as to your direction and intent as a servant of God.

All works in harmony. All is in the great flow of God’s Will. Nothing is to bring you down avenues that are dead-ends nor would we control the situation by passing your free will. This is not the way of the highest approach. The gifts that will be given will bring joy rather than fear, will bring insight rather than a sense of confusion and will inspire all of you upon your journeys. There are those of you in this Circle that can attest to the blessings of the angels that have come in these ways and have been a great assistance to each one.

So much is available to you, my friends. As you continue to grow in the Father’s Love, as you continue to pray for this gift of Love, so many doors open and many possibilities may be realised upon this great journey to God. Is this not all that you are seeking, my beloved souls, to open yourselves, open your souls to the great potentials that lie within, the mysteries and secrets of your soul revealed and awakened with Love, to truly know yourself and know in this, your relationship with your Creator and your relationship with we who come to assist you? All are blessings. All will come in harmony and in the right time and place. Remember that you are held in the arms of God, that the angels surround you in protection and love, that you are safe in this Light and shall not be forsaken in any way upon the journey, provided you desire this and want to travel this road that leads to the exceptional experiences and understandings of the soul.

May God bless you upon that journey, my beloved friends. I am Seretta Kem. My love for you is great. I am eager to assist you all upon the development of your soul, the faculties of your soul, to help you to understand the true nature of your soul, as are all the angels of Heaven dedicated to this task to help awaken humanity to Truth, to Love, to all that is good, all that is wondrous, all that expands the consciousness of humanity in the way and flow of Love. Awaken, my friends. Awaken and be joyful, to the opportunities that are given, the possibilities made manifest by Love, the blessings from God that awaken the soul. May God bless you, my beloved friends, and keep you in His care and protection always. God bless you.