Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 17, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

This is Seretta Kem. You are all needed in this great venture that you aspire to for Direct Voice. Each contributes their parts in this ever unfolding time of development and need for soul growth and awakening. We do not doubt your commitment, beloved souls, to this project. We do not doubt your desire to reach for something higher than the Earth Plane conditions. There is indeed so much that needs your attention and your efforts daily to uplift yourselves in love, in light. We have asked you to correct your thinking, to be in harmony with God’s Will and in harmony with God’s Laws. This is an important factor in the success of the venture that you undertake.

So it is important to consider those parts of yourselves that resist and hold back from that which is in harmony. It is important to take responsibility for your own thinking and doing. It is important that you take time to be in harmony with love, in harmony with God, in harmony with your own soul. Each individual is a complex individual who has their own personalities, their own gifts, their own approaches and their own ideas. So in this one must make allowances and appreciate that uniqueness that is that individual. This is the test of love, is it not? To allow yourself to love, to trust, and to be at ease with one another?

It is easy to judge, to desire that each individual that you encounter will behave and be in harmony in ways that you desire them to be, this human quality and nature that insists upon each individual being a part of this great idea that you have of your life. That this blessing of another individual being within your place of life may fit into various ideas and categories of behaviour. Yet, you know well within your soul the wisdom that is deep within you that this is not possible.

So you must develop and encourage acceptance within you to embrace that individual and appreciate the differences. These are qualities of love, are they not? Yes, each has their particular set of flaws and weaknesses, characteristics, all making up the personality of that individual. Some you find more pleasant to be with than others whom you see as very flawed and difficult to converse with. Yet who brings the greatest lessons, my friends? Who offers the greatest opportunity to grow within your soul, so to awaken deeper love and deeper acceptance and to truly be the sister or brother of that individual? In this way, it is important that you overcome these obstacles so that you may truly express the truth of love, to be that great soul expressed through your life that you are, that God has placed within you and continues to nourish with His Love.

Yes, the patterns of the mind are difficult to overcome. The judgments are difficult to ignore and the discomfort continues within your minds. Yet within your souls these things truly do not exist. So you have a great challenge ahead of you, to put aside these things of the mind and encourage those things of the soul that bring forth love and encompass your brother and sister. This is your challenge. It has been and will be as life continues for you in this world of yours, one so fraught with unloving thoughts, unloving expectations, unloving manifestations of the mind.

The only antidote, my beloved brothers and sisters, is prayer. Along with prayer, as you continue in your soul’s growth and experience of life, there must also come a willingness to be honest, to be aware, to be sure of your thoughts and emotions in regards to another’s closeness to your life. These things are difficult but with the power of God’s Love within your soul and accessing that power, allowing this beautiful Love, this condition of Light to infuse all parts of yourself, so it becomes easier. So these judgments begin to dissolve and your sense of what is important in life is transformed by Love.

This is the way of God’s Love, the Path Divine, allowing the transformation to infuse all parts of your being. Not to segment yourself and keep the machinations of your mind from the flow of Love within your soul rather to marry these two parts so to be in harmony together. Often, in this process which you are all engaged with, the mind puts up great resistance. There are waves of judgment and fear and thoughts not in harmony with this process, a great resistance from the mind. This is to be expected,  that you will struggle with this, that it is a battle within you that continues to rage on because of the great power of the mind that has been invested in each of you, has been inherited through generations, has ensured that the truth and reality of the mind will take precedence and is only that must be listened to and acknowledged.

So what is happening to you is a reflection of what is happening in your world. For with the great dominance of the mind of humanity, there are definite consequences and outcomes in your world that are not in harmony with God’s Creation. Yes, in order to be that true and clear channel of God’s Love in the world, an instrument which He may guide readily and may bring forth manifestations and beautiful gifts, flows of healing and comfort and love, compassion and understanding, truth and joy, one must overcome these barriers. Not with the wilfulness of the mind, for this will not bring forth what it is that you desire, but through the loving expansion of your soul, that power to heal, to reconcile, to dissolve the barriers and those places within you that lack love and are severe and difficult.

God reaches towards you will all compassion and loving intention. “Come, follow me towards this great reconciliation, this redemption of your soul so that all within you may come to harmony and Grace, that that which bedevils you at this time may fall away in Love and awaken to Truth, that those components of yourself, those different levels of awareness may merge as one in Love.”

Pray, my beloved souls, for the true awakening that God has in store for each one of you. Pray that in this awakening, all that is within you will melt together in Love and find true harmony, that the source of harmony is the Love which God has placed within you. It is the thing that will bring all else into perspective, into harmony, into truth. In this way you will truly become the channels that God wishes you to be and manifest the gifts that God has put within you.

Through these challenges, times of growth, times where you feel restless and uncomfortable, times where the mind continues to push its own agenda upon your soul, go to God in faith, in trust, in prayer. For all what is required is to release those things that are not of love to your Heavenly Father and allow His Healing Touch to lift these things within you away and dissolve them and transform them so that all is love and harmony.

May God bless you as you continue to grow in this way. May Love continue to transform you. May your minds release all that is not in harmony with Truth and Love. You are well taken care of, beloved souls. Angels are around you. Love envelops you. Grace comes to you. There is so much that God gives. May you receive with humility, acknowledging with your minds and souls the wonderment of God’s Touch upon you.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem. I am with you upon that journey. Every step, every breath, know that I am with you in love, in ways to help heal and support and bring you further upon this path of Love Divine. God bless you. Seretta Kem loves you. God bless you.