Spirit: Augustine

Medium:  Al Fike

Location:  Gibsons, BC

Date:  June 14, 2015

It is your teacher Augustine. We are pleased that you have heard our call to gather together in small and large groups, to be in prayer and conversation with one another. I think you have all benefitted from this time together Each one has benefitted differently, has gleaned different perceptions and understandings within their minds. But truly the great benefit has been within your souls, receiving the Father’s Love together, being in communion together and witnessing the power of this and the beauty of this.

Indeed you are blessed with fellowship and many are not and long for what you have experienced and we wish for you to pray for them as they attempt to come together in a few weeks. May you embrace them as you have embraced one another. May your love flow. May you be a witness to Truth and Love. And I would ask you, my beloveds, to come together again at some time in the future and I would assure you that when you do there will be great changes within you, the beginnings of something new and beautiful, a fresh start as you say. Life is always changing. Life always has the potential for change and it is for you to understand and to accept the opportunities which lay before you as you build within you the budding awarenesses which come with the Father’s Love.  And as the vision deepens and clarifies within you, so the opportunities that God lays before you become clearer in your perceptions and your understanding and you are able to choose wisely with this greater perception and soul knowing, and as you make these choices you become more fully upon the Path of God’s Love and Will.

And so it will go, one step closer within this great river of Love, deeper, more fast flowing, more powerful, more beautiful. Incrementally you become in alignment and in harmony with God’s Will as you receive within you His Essence, which is your guiding Light and the source of wisdom and true understanding. Continue on this journey, to wade within this river, to be in alignment with your Heavenly Father. And we will ensure that you do not slip upon the rocks and find yourself submerged, instead you will wade gently and firmly within this flow and be embraced and secured with the sure knowledge that you are in harmony with it and with yourselves. You will continue to grow and this will unfold at a pace that is in harmony and it will not cause great calamity within your lives but will bring Light and joy and greater strength within.

God bless you my beloved students. I will continue to be with you in support and Love and guidance. And please continue your prayers, your efforts to be with God, for this ensures that His angels will always surround you and His Touch will always be upon you. You cannot go astray when you are within this Light and you will always be upheld and walk with steps sure and bold and ever forward in your soul’s progression.  Blessed and beloved souls you are truly loved and you will know this and embrace this sure knowledge as you walk further upon God’s Path of Love. God bless you. Your teacher Augustine loves you. God bless you.