Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 28, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Let God’s Love pour over you, beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem. Indeed it is a concern of mortals what may manifest through them, what gifts they may have and what may flow through these gifts in service to God. My beloved, beloved brethren, each of you has many gifts. Each of you continues to discover those gifts. As you come into greater alignment with God, so you will feel and know our presence as a strong and compelling force in your lives. For us to work through each one of you, beloveds, a rapport must be established, a strong and faithful connection between we of spirit and you who are in the Earth plane.

This relationship that you carry with your guides, your teachers, your gatekeepers, those who desire to work through you, all who are Celestial angels of God, are blessed by God. God brings about the power and blessing that allows this connection to be so. Think of us as living on the mountaintop, the highest mountain, and you in the valley and how far that distance is. How different is the atmosphere in both of these places. For us to come to the valley below to be with you requires a great deal of effort and focus on our part and a desire from your soul and a light from your soul that we may hone in on this light that is you and come close.

So each of you in your own way are a beacon, a light that attracts the angels. As you are clear in your receptivity, your openness to our presence, so you will feel us more strongly. It will be a powerful experience where we bring a great deal of light and love with us as we descend into the conditions of your world. How much you are aware of this, how close we are to you in your conscious state is very much dependent on your soul growth and your ability to push aside the material conditions of your minds and be open to the flow and grace of our presence blessed by God.

So, beloved daughter, you ask of your own gifts. Are you surprised that there is a shift in your experience as a channel for healing in the world? You shouldn’t be, beloved daughter, you shouldn’t be, for this is what we have promised is it not? That your gifts will open, that there will be shifts in experiences and awareness and that much will change as a result of the blessings within your soul and your heartfelt desires to serve your brothers and sisters in love. So God opens those avenues for you to serve. So God blesses your soul with His Love as you desire it to be so.

The power of God’s Love is transformative and awakening. It brings many perceptions and sensitivities. It brings us very close indeed. As you are in greater alignment with God, so you are in greater alignment with us. This works to your benefit, beloved souls, for we are able to guide you more clearly. We are able to enhance the light around you with our own presence and establish a deep rapport where we may work through you as a healing agent, as a Channel of Love. In many ways, we are able to work in powerful ways as you are in greater alignment with us and with God.

This is only the beginning, beloved souls, only the beginning. As you continue to grow within your souls, as you continue to accept and allow the gifts that God has to give you to manifest and to live not just in your world with your senses and sensibilities but in ours as well. With the sensibilities of the spirit and of the soul, so many things may come into view, may manifest clearly, may be awakened in Love.

Beloved souls, expect that there will be changes within you, that there will be opening perceptions. There will be greater and more powerful avenues for us to work through you for the benefit of your brothers and sisters. You have prayed for this and your prayers are being answered. Though at times you feel disconnected from we in spirit who are always attempting to be close, I say to you, continue to be faithful and true to your selves, true to your own souls, true to God, true to your relationship with us. In this way many things will manifest, and in time seem as if it is indeed a normal and usual experience.

Yet, more awakens, more will continue to awaken within you. Adjustments, acceptance, allowing this deeper experience and manifestation of the soul to continue to flourish and be expressed. It is all in the blessing of God’s Love. It is all a reflection of the transformational power of this Love. It is a true indication of the growth of your own soul when such things come to you readily, clearly and beautifully. God continues to guide you upon that path and continues to encourage you upon that path, continues to bless you upon that path so that these things are made possible, that all the wonderment and treasures within your souls will awaken and flourish and bring to you a deep and abiding experience in Light and Love.

So much, beloveds, so much awaits you. Do not be surprised but continue to be joyful and accept the new ways of God, the new reality of God, the new and joyous power and glory of God’s Love manifesting through your souls. So it will be, beloved souls. So it will continue. So it will bring many, many blessings to you. These gifts, these gifts are manifold and magnificent and beautiful. You are on a great journey of discovery of your true selves, the true blessings and capacities of your souls awakening, awakening and bringing many experiences, manifesting many gifts, bringing love through all that you are and all that you do in the world.

May God bless you, may God bless you. We continue to work towards our goals and you continue to grow and manifest in these beautiful ways inching ever closer to that time when the manifestations of spirit will be a true part of your mission and efforts on Earth. Ever closer, beloved souls, ever closer the light grows and you are blessed.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Seretta Kem and I bless you as well. God bless you.