Spirit: John the Beloved

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Abbotsford, BC

Date: April 14, 2016

God bless you, I am John the beloved.

It is so beautiful to see the love that you share, beloved souls. To have this friendship, this fellowship, to work together in this way, creates a powerful Light. A light that shines forth and will draw many to you. As you have witnessed the night before (prayer circle in Abbotsford), souls are drawn and will continue to be drawn by this Light, by your intentions to serve others and this is what I wish to speak upon this day: The Power of Intention.

You seek for the highest, my beloveds, and this is a powerful intention ,a desire to activate this, to seek for the highest and how this draws the angels to you, how this draws the Truth of God’s Love into you, because your intentions are for this great blessing to come to you, to be a part of you. Your intentions to serve, beloveds, how this draws many who are drawn to the Light, many who require your ministrations as God’s servants and channels of Love.

Your intentions to embrace all you meet, so that the stranger upon the street may be embraced and accepted, that you may say a prayer for them, that you may touch them, that those who are hungry and needy that you (have) compassion and feed them and touch them with healing and love.

The intention to teach many (who) walk this Earth filled with half-truths and great errors and yet within their souls they have a desire for Truth and Light. Teach those who are open to what you have to say and allow God to teach every soul you meet in whatever way is His intention for that soul. For God can manifest many things that you are not consciously aware of but can be done through your intention and desire to be His channel in the world.

The intention to bring change to this world by pushing back the darkness, beloveds, pushing back the darkness. This is done through your prayers. This is done by listening to your Heavenly Father and His guidance. This is done through your willingness to accept God’s Will, to bring it forth as a clear channel in this world. And you are given situations and guided to various circumstances that allow you to bring change, though these changes may seem too subtle to acknowledge yet like the butterfly that flutters its wings and in some place creates the hurricane, so it is, these tiny flutters of Light will create change in time, and you must be patient and have great faith that what you do is creating a great change in the world. As you create Circles of Light, as you speak to others, your actions, your thoughts, your deeds, your prayers, all that you do with the highest of intentions creates change in this world.

So, my beloveds, always seek for the highest. Always pray with the intention for growth and Light and change, that the Father’s Love have a constant inflowing into your souls, that you may walk in this world as a channel of Light, that your intentions are to be in this world but not of the conditions that are so dark, but to be in Light.

So much can be accomplished because you have these intentions, that you are willing to serve, to love, to grow, to be that beautiful soul that God intends for you to be and this can only bring change and Light, harmony and Love. And as you expand in this Love, as God touches you more deeply, all of these aspects of your being, all of these aspects of your life, all of that which you do and say and are, will be magnified over and over again as you grow in this Love. And your intentions will grow into great and deep expressions of Love.

You are truly God’s children when you desire to live within His Laws of Love and you intend to serve God in deep commitment, when you see the world with eyes of Love and are able to release all those aspects within yourself that are not loving. Yes, indeed it is a process and often the intentions of your souls and the intentions of your mind are not in harmony but, I say in time as you grow in the Love, there will be a harmonious, purposeful, coordinated expression of your soul’s intentions through your mind, through your soul, through all aspects of your being.

Continue to express yourselves, beloveds, to test these truths, to confront the error that is within you, to embrace the challenges that are before you and to willingly accept the opportunities that God places before you to serve Him, to be that channel of Light. For each of you has a great capacity to bring Light to others, each a unique expression that is your beautiful soul and personality and being. It touches many in many ways, in beautiful ways. May you continue to express your Light so that the change in the world may happen in accordance to God’s Will.

A little bit from you: your intention, your love and expression can create, in time, some powerful changes in this world for Light. Be not discouraged, but encouraged, that each day that you walk in this world contains this great potential, has  power for change, expressions of Love, is imbued with Light.

Beloved souls, I love you. You are beautiful and together you bring a great Light and this is beautiful to behold. Continue in your friendship, in your work together, in loving trusting ways allowing each beautiful soul to contribute to the whole of this beautiful Light, to bring God’s expression of Love to this world in wondrous ways. God bless you, beloveds. I am John and I love you. God bless you.