Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 29, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you, it is your teacher Augustine. You have asked an important question, beloved daughter, and have done so with clear and beautiful words as is your gift. Yes, every soul has a purpose, something that God has entrusted that soul to accomplish in their earthly existence to bring greater light to this world. Thus, every soul has particular gifts and abilities and potentials that may be expressed in your world. Along with this invitation from God to express His beautiful creation that is a soul in and along a certain path, God also has imbued each soul with free will. So the invitation may be proffered and is within that soul deep and well-embedded. This does not mean that the soul will listen, that the individual may heed this call and walk a particular path that will lead to the expression of this gift and this invitation.So, many do not fulfill their purpose in your world. Yet, every soul is invited to do so by God, given the abilities and gifts to fulfill his purpose. In response to fulfilling what God has asked them to do in the world, there is a great joy and fulfillment within themselves. This gift ignites a true sense of self, a true sense of the possibilities and potential of the soul.

You, beloved souls, are aware of this invitation but you may not be able to articulate it or plot a course in your life that is in accordance with it. Your soul is drawn in a certain direction and expresses certain characteristics and abilities that reflect the fulfillment of your purpose. Since this is a day-by-day journey, it is difficult for you to see this from any distance where the picture may become clear. Merely, you continue upon your path of life and are drawn and choose certain expressions and outcomes and actions that reflect your purpose, which essentially is a reflection of your gifts.

Now God has a plan for the salvation of mankind. He has seeded many souls with this invitation to fulfill their purpose in this regard. Each of you has that knowledge within your soul, that you are to fulfill your part in this grand plan to bring change to this world and greater harmony. In this plan God has released many souls to the world to fulfill and be a part of the unfolding change that is and is coming to this world.

In many ways, your motivations to be in harmony, to clear all obstacles, to be strong in love and pure of heart is because you are aware of that time for the true and pure fulfillment of your destinies. You purpose is coming. Deep within you is a knowing that you must prepare yourselves and to be strong, to pray fervently for greater measures of the Father’s Love in order to ignite all the beautiful gifts within you that are required to fulfill your purpose.

This is why you continue to spend much time in prayer, much time thinking of the awakening of your souls, much time coming together, supporting, and hearing out each of your beautiful brothers and sisters who also hear the call from God that this is the moment, this is the time for that purposeful expression imbued within your soul.

We are deeply pleased with your efforts, your decision to follow that clarion call of your souls, of God’s blessing and whispered message to you to awaken, to be on the ready for what God asks of you. God continues to open up avenues and experiences within your life that facilitate this awakening, that facilitate a deeper wisdom within you and a deeper awareness so that these truths within you, this deep wisdom, this love, may be expressed no matter what obstacles might be in your way. That you may walk upon your destined path and do so without such hindrances that your purpose may be only partially fulfilled.

Indeed, God’s wish for you, as is ours, that your purpose may be fully fulfilled, that there are no missing pieces, no lost opportunities, no parts of you that are left untouched by God’s Love, so that when that time comes, in the ripeness and fullness of time for you to step forward in every way to fulfill you purpose, to bring that key component to God’s plan into place and expressed beautifully in light, harmony, love, wisdom and deep joy.

Like those beautiful globes with pictures and particles floating about within its liquid, think of yourself as floating in the embryonic fluid of God’s embrace as you grow, soon to be lighting upon your designated place within the sea and your soul naturally gravitating to that place when it is ready. The gravity of delight within your soul will draw you to your particular location and expression. In this, all will be perfect, beautiful and powerful, leaving you in a state of wonderment. That all the speculations of your mind will melt away, giving way to the reality of your soul expressed perfectly in God’s great plan. There is no greater fulfillment to a soul than this, beloveds, this great awakening and knowing of your true selves and what you are meant to do for God while you are on Earth. Such joy you will experience in this awakening and such a powerful expression of love that will come with this awakening.

In time you will see how your place and the expression of your purpose is the perfect outpouring of your soul and gifts in loving dedication to God and in your desire to serve humanity. As you continue to walk your path, to experience your life, to release all that burdens you, you come closer to your purpose and you come closer to God. In this alignment, all will fall into place easily and fluidly as God’s plan is realized through you and through many. May you always choose to listen to your soul, my beloved friends, to seek for the highest, to receive the great benediction of God’s Love so that this beautiful purpose bestowed upon you from before the time you incarnated will be realized and realized in its fullest potential.

This is not something that your minds can formulate or even articulate. It is something that is so naturally within you that it is hardly noticeable. Yet this is the greatest gift of your soul to fulfill such a purpose, such an expression of love, such an engrained part of your soul, guided by God, awakened by Love. You come to know your true selves, beloveds. As you continue to peel the scales from your eyes, to awaken in those deep understandings of the soul, you will sense you are coming closer to your purpose. You will sense an emerging joy and awareness and acknowledgement that you are fulfilling something beautiful and sacred.

Such are God’s blessings to each and every soul. Such are the creations of each soul, unique and with purpose that is unique to them. Yes, there are many things to discover about yourself, beloved souls. Many things that lie hidden. Many things that yearn to be expressed and to be awakened in Love. You continue upon that journey of awakening, of truly knowing, and we escort you upon this journey, insuring that nothing will pull you away from it to any great degree.

God has provided every way and means for you to fulfill your purpose, beloved souls. This gift will be realized in each of you. You will not pass into spirit with a sense that something that you were meant to do was not accomplished. You will have a deep sense of satisfaction, of joy with the realization that you have fulfilled a deep mission for God and have done so in Love, have embraced it with enthusiasm, and have expressed it with the perfection of your soul and its gifts in this world.

Your souls yearn for this, beloveds. It is part of your motivation and prayer and desire to grow and be in alignment, awakened and released from all conditions that are not of love. So you will indeed come to that place and step through the threshold in service and dedication and love to God and to your brothers and sisters in need of healing and love, comfort and truth.

Do you not realize that our dedications to you and service in nurturing the awakening of your soul is part of God’s plan? Our efforts with you are part of our purpose, the purpose of our souls. This cascading expression of love that touches and nurtures every part of creation, every aspect of the evolving world, the world that is material and the world that is of spirit is a great dance of the expressions of many souls engaged in fulfilling a beloved purpose that God has given them. Do you not see this beautiful and complex ballet of love touching many, many souls in light, stimulating the movement towards harmony in the universe?

Yes, there is movement in the universe, movement towards harmony and light, always. Though it is not a particular location, it is an expressed purpose of the universe to reach harmony. You are all part of this wondrous plan, elements in motion, souls awakening in Light, reaching, reaching for God in order to know one’s purpose.

The fulfillment of God’s plan has many aspects and elements, motion and energy. Love that ignites transformation and expression and awakening. You are all swirling in this great motion, this Divine Energy that is leading to one thing, the harmonious and beautiful expression of God’s creation in every way.

You barely awaken to this reality, this truth. But with what you have seen and what you feel and what you know, does this not spur you on for greater and higher and more beautiful experiences of expressions and awakenings within, seeking the fuel that ignites the soul, God’s Love transforming and awakening, God’s Grace informing your direction drawing you closer to your purpose, drawing you closer to God’s purpose for you so that your soul may know a deep and fulfilling joy.

God brings you together, beautiful souls on this journey. Like attracts like, soul attracts soul, love attracts love. In many ways, God gifts you with many things and you are a gift to one another. You are blessed deeply, beloved souls, and coming ever closer to your purpose. Everything in your life, every experience, every thought, every interaction, every element is seeking harmony and unification and Love. Allow this to be. Accept all in Love. Accept yourself in Love. Accept all that is given in your life as a blessing by God who loves you. Seek harmony always. Grow in Love and grow in purpose.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher, Augustine. My love is always with you. You know I am the one who continually looks upon you, my charges, my beautiful, beautiful charges. You seek for Truth. I am there and shall always be so. God bless you.