Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 21, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you, I am your teacher Augustine. God’s mantel of peace has descended upon you, beloveds. Like the wings of doves spreading out, enveloping you in Light, so you are uplifted and blessed with the Grace of God upon you. The great peace that passes all understanding is with you, beloved souls. When you sense this presence of peace, know that God is near and that you are indeed enveloped in the Light of God’s Presence. In this beautiful Light, open your souls, open your souls, beloveds, and drink deep of these living waters, for the Holy Spirit comes to convey God’s Love and awaits your thirst for this blessing.

You walk the road less travelled, beloved souls. As your brothers and sisters continue to sleep and seek elsewhere for their sustenance, you come to the Source, to the Fountainhead of Love. You seek this nourishment for your souls that you may awaken with the blessed waters of God’s Essence, infilling and awakening those chambers within. Your souls expand and come alive, awakened in Love. In this way you come to know the hidden treasures of your soul, come to be in the Grace of God, and recognize God’s Presence with you.

At times, do you not feel saddened that your brothers and sisters cannot experience this Holy Blessing, this sense and closeness with God? Do you not wonder at times why you have come to this blessing as you have? It is the yearnings of your soul, beloveds, the desire within you to awaken to God that has brought this blessing to you. Though your minds do not understand nor see clearly how and why, it is the strength and urgency within your souls that brings you to this gift, this awakening, and this awareness.

Indeed, as you awaken and emerge from the grayness of the human condition to a place that is blessed and in greater harmony with God, you will, in time, touch many other souls. Through you God will stir and rouse the sleeping souls that they too may awaken. It is the power of the Love within you, that great beating Light that grows and brings many changes, transforming your own soul, awakening all the beautiful potentials of your soul.

God will guide you, beloveds. God will carry you upon a path unique and beautiful as you continue to strengthen your faith and awaken your sensibilities and put aside your doubts. So God will guide you forward to a place of deep joy and recognition that can only come through the gifts and faculties of your soul.

God gives humanity, every individual created in your world, the opportunity to emerge from the realities of the mind to the truth of the soul. In this way, many things may be changed and healed, awakened, and manifest in your world. This is the next step for humanity, my beloveds. In order to curtail all the disruptions and in-harmonies and pain that man has created, this next step must be taken. This awakening of deeper wisdom and potentials must come to the fore.

Yet, not everyone will ascribe to this journey, for God gives everyone free will, the opportunity to choose and they may choose another road, the road of the natural man. In this, God will indeed bless them and guide them but the depth and acuity of the knowings of the soul will not be part of this reality.

Those who will lead humanity out of this darkness will have the power and blessings of the Father’s Love within them, for this is a higher road, a powerful perspective, and a way of being that is the result of the transformation that comes with the blessing of Divine Love. For those who are willing, who are strong enough, who are of great faith and acknowledge this truth, there is a great work ahead. Much work awaits each soul who is willing to be guided by God, but first you must be awakened. You must continue to pray for this gift and allow it its measure of healing and transformation within you. In this way, the steps that must come will come as a natural outpouring of your soul’s wisdom and knowledge as it is attuned to God.

There is nothing to stop you, beloveds. For when you are in God’s Grace as you are, no negative forces or conditions in this world will be able to circumvent your efforts to be channels and instruments of God. This Grace and Peace is yours, beloveds. It is the birthright of every child, every soul. It is given freely and flows with such great abundance that you will never receive all that can be, for God’s blessings are infinite as is the awakening of your soul and at-onement with God.

Walk this path, beloveds. Walk with deep faith. Tust in what God wishes for you in your lives and what can be as a result of this awakening within. May God continue to bless you, beloveds, keep you in His Light, embrace you always, and bring you to that place of true awakening.

God bless you. I am your teacher, Augustine, and I am happy to be with you, beloved souls, souls of the Earth who care deeply for their brothers and sisters and wish to heal themselves in Love. I say, “You are blessed and shall be blessed for all eternity”. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.