Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 29, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved son and daughter, I am Josephus. I wish to talk about the capacities of the soul in regards to its creativity and expressions. God has given each of His children many abilities and faculties, both of mind and of soul. One of the great capacities that humanity possesses is an imagination that may be expressed in creative ways. Humanity’s ability to visualise objects and make them real in the world is a great gift. This creativity brings many beautiful things to light in your world.

When the mind and the soul work in concert together to bring about such beauty, harmony, grace, insight, then the world is enhanced by that individual’s efforts. Each individual has to some degree the capacity for creativity, for bringing forward in the world a gift in such a way that others may observe, relate to, understand what it is that they in their unique ways wish to give.

Humanity has created many avenues for this effort of creativity. The imaginings of men are great indeed. The capacities for humanity to create things of beauty, things of practicality, things that are needed for their comfort and well-being, these things are called the outcomes of culture. For in man’s imaginings and mindful concerns, education becomes a tool from which to equip each individual with what is needed in order to express their creativity, what they can imagine into the world.

With an awakened soul, a soul that is blessed with the Father’s Love, these acts of creativity are enhanced. All other things within an individual in this regard are brought into harmony, greater harmony, because of the wisdom of the soul. God wants His children to express their creativity, their abilities, the gifts of both the soul and the mind. But God wants these things to work in concert with His Laws, to be in harmony with His creativity, His wondrous acts of Love and expression in the Universe. Humanity has this capacity, this ability, through the awakening of their souls to truly comprehend how they may indeed work in concert with God to bring to forth an ever-changing world, to enact these creative efforts that brings greater light, greater harmony in the world.

When the soul and the mind is in concert, in harmony together, the soul has the capacity for inspiration from both God and the angels to bring forth things that are indeed meant to be a gift from God utilised by the individual’s talents and abilities to bring it to light. One might be a channel of many things, beloved souls, depending upon your gifts, depending upon your talents, and your desire.

I speak through this individual who is gifted. It is a creative process, is it not, to bring forth these communications with words that will inspire and bring Truth? He is a creative individual. He also expresses his creativity in other ways, beautiful ways. He strives to be in harmony with God, to be a loving servant of God. So with each day, he increases his ability, his creativity, his talents in order to bring greater harmony to his life and to bring a greater capacity of service to others through his actions. This is a good example of what each individual may be capable of doing. He is unique as all of you are unique.

So one’s expression will be individual, beautiful in its own way and means of expression. Enjoy these abilities, expressions of love and creativity in the world. It is meant to be. God wishes for each individual to explore these capacities, this uniqueness of each created soul, so that this may be manifest in the world. It is not error to be creative, to be desirous of expressing your true selves in the world. Whether it be through art or music or writing, even inventions and creating mechanical devices. As long as these things are in harmony with God and often inspired by God and utilised in a way that is in harmony with His Laws and Love, then it is to be applauded. It is a gift to the world. Your efforts, beloved souls, can be a gift to the world.

But when those inclinations and desires of humanity for greater gain, for prestige, for recognition, rather than for love of creativity of itself, then this is where things begin to be diverted towards dark ends and means rather than harmony. The very foundation of creativity must be love. With love, increased love, greater love, purer love, then these things of the soul, these creative impulses that God has placed within you become more refined and beautiful, they become truly a divine expression of your soul.

Do not doubt, beloved souls, that each has great gifts. Each may bring these gifts forward in creative ways. There is nothing to hold you back but your own minds, skeptical of your capacities, unsure of yourselves, unaware of what lies deep within you. Of course, it is for you to experiment and try to bring these things forth, to have confidence that God has indeed created a unique and beautiful soul filled with gifts and abilities that will in time be expressed creatively and beautifully.

As I have said, when the soul and mind are in concert together, then the music will unfold in all its beauty. May you find your way towards these creative endeavours that will bring joy to your heart a deeper understanding to your soul and greater expression of God’s Love that lies within you and is a great light that will motivate your expressions. Each of you is beautiful. Each of you is upon that road of discovery of what that beauty is and can be manifest in the world.

Blessings to you, beloved souls. May God inspire you, uplift you with His Love bringing new insights and capacities to express the wonders of your soul through the instrument of your mind and your imaginings. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Josephus. I am glad to have spoken to your today about the beautiful and uplifting aspects of the soul. God bless you. My love is with you always. I am your servant, Josephus.