Spirit: Luke
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 8, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Luke. No matter what route you take in your spiritual pursuits, may you always go to the Source, the Fountainhead of all Light and Love, Truth and understanding. For if you do so, God will find a way to implant His Love within your soul. God will find a way to crack open that place within you that can truly understand truth and the universe and the Source of All. This is what each of you seeks, though within your mind you have very different ideas and different experiences in your pursuit of truth, there is something within your souls that draws you together. There is a longing and a desire to be together in loving harmony, to be in light, to know truth in all its purity and grace, and know, because within your souls you have indeed this desire, this longing and that God will answer your prayers. God knows your longings and your thoughts and all that you are and God will indeed connect you and bring you with like souls, souls of light, souls that are seeking truth as you are seeking truth. You may help one another, assist one another upon this journey towards light.

Yes, there is much darkness. Yes, it is not an easy journey. But indeed, God has sent to you the upliftment of the angels, His Touch upon you to awaken your soul, and you will find your way. You will find your way and know your way. For, if you come to listen to your own soul, to listen to that faint voice within you, you will find your way. God continues to make great effort to open doors and avenues, understandings and experiences that will help you upon that journey.

Remember that the highest of all is love and the highest of all love is God’s Love. Seek this blessing. Seek this as the cornerstone of any pursuit of spirituality and truth and you cannot go wrong, beloved souls, you will find your way indeed and find that path that is meant for you, destined for you, to come to that place of at-onement with God and at-onement with Truth. This will come. You are not lost. You are not alone and you are deeply loved. Know this, beloved souls, know this and make this your truth. In this way, all that you desire, all that is meant to be given, all that comes, will indeed come to you. You will recognize it, acknowledge it, and absorb it into your soul, so that you may indeed walk the path of truth and walk the path that is purposeful and meant for you, beloved souls. Continue to bond together in love, to walk in love and truth and all will be given in abundance, in joy, in love.

God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you. I am Luke.