Spirit:  Confucius

Medium:  Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: August 22, 2015

Beloved brothers and sisters upon the Path Divine, I am Confucius and I come to tell you that the angels weep in joy at your efforts and your willingness to love one another, to bring this Light to the world. And you have each journeyed far, journeyed far within yourselves and shall continue on this journey for all eternity to come to know yourselves in the Grace of our Father’s Love.  

And each of you have been blessed in unique and beautiful ways within your souls, placing within your souls what you require to continue to grow and to be that channel of Love in the world so that each of you may hear your guidance from God, each of you may know your next steps upon this Path of service and Light, so that each of you may create your own Circles of Light in the world. And that Circle may be to serve others in loving ways, to pray with others for God’s Love and to teach the Truth. Each of you has a unique path and purpose in this world and you will now begin to uncover this within yourselves, my beloveds.  Ask for God to show you, to bring you deep within yourselves that you may truly see for yourselves what it is that you carry, what gifts have been given, what Love resides within you.

You must truly Love yourselves and acknowledge that part of you which is your soul and work from this great strength and Light within you. For in this way you will find your way, in this way you unlock the doors and bring the Light in everything that you do.  There is great work ahead for everyone who is willing and there are no obstructions, my beloveds, if you are in the flow of God’s Love and in harmony with His Love. For God will clear your path, God will lift your burdens, God will provide the resources that you require to be His channel of Love. And for you, you must exercise your faith, stepping forward in faith, this great strength that comes with the blessing of Love. This knowing that is sure and steady like a rock within you. And when you do this on the wings of Love miracles will happen, my beloveds. Miracles of healing and change and influence that will change the lives of others and giving the Truth clearly so that there is no misunderstanding but a deep acknowledgement from those you speak to that this is the Truth.

And the Truth remains simple, my beloveds, it has always been simple. It has always been powerful in its simplicity. It is not complex; it does not require great rituals and ways that are complex and difficult. It does not require deep intellectual understanding. It requires a simple longing, a desire from your soul to know God, to be with God, and to be filled with His Love. Do not make this complicated, my beloveds. Live it. Live it every moment of your life, with every breath, that you may be in God’s Love, His Grace and Presence that His Love may live within you. And in this, you will know the Truth and in this God will speak the Truth through you. It is simple, it requires humility, it requires that you understand that in everything God’s timing, the rhythm, is from Him and His guidance and what He gives you and how His Blessings manifest within you and all around you. Remember this, my beloveds. Remember that God will guide you along the Path if you are willing to listen, if you are willing to be His instrument of Love and Light.  Do not fool yourselves, my beloveds. Be honest, be truthful with yourselves. Walk with integrity. Walk with your feet solidly on the ground and your heart with God and all will be well. Your life will unfold in all its beauty and its purpose and that Path that is laid out for you and for you alone. Come to know where you must go. Come to know through your souls what you are meant to do and come to that place of commitment, of faith, of strength, of resolve, of trust that God knows, that God knows and He will give you His knowledge that is meant for you.

God’s blessings for you, my beloveds, and when you fly away you will carry this Light into your lives, beloved, beloved souls. God bless you, I am Confucius and I love you beloved souls, beloved souls.