Spirit: Mary

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: August 20, 2015

Bless you, my beloveds, it is Mary. The change that you desire, that you seek for this world, will start with the children. The infants that are coming to your world, being born, are souls who desire Light, who reflexively are drawn to the Light. You must bring the message of Love, the Love of God, to all of these beautiful children who are waiting and are coming to be within this wave of Light that will sweep across your world and bring the changes that are required, so that the world may be whole again, may be at peace again, may have harmony and balance. The children will have this wisdom, they will share this wisdom and know what must be done and will live in harmony with one another. As they grow to maturity they will bring the wisdom and you, my beloveds, must bring the Love.

This is so important, to know that the Father’s Love is available to all the souls of this world. You must work, my beloveds, to bring this Love to the world, the knowledge of this Love, the power of this Love, the beauty of this Love. It must come into the world, you must speak, you must Love, you must work in the flow of God’s Will. My beloveds, it is time for a change, deep and healing change for this beautiful world. Can you bring this change within your lives, within your beings, this transformation of consciousness that is so needed? Can you live in harmony? Can you bring Light? Can you pray in words and aspirations which elicit a great response from your Heavenly Father to bring His Love fully and powerfully within your souls? Without this effort, without this deep desire that is within you there will be no change, my beloveds. You will stay within the semidarkness, the semi-Light. You must step forward into the fullness of God’s Light and Truth. He beckons you forward. He desires your liberation, your acceptance, your true knowing so that you may be the example in the world, so that you may teach the children, so that you may teach all who come within your presence that you are truly a child of God and that each soul that you encounter may also be a child of God.

Can you do this, my beloveds? Can you step forward in the world in this way? Putting aside your concerns that others may reject you. Those who do indeed throw their negativity toward you are the ones in pain, are the ones who truly need this message. And though their minds may reject your words, their souls hear, they hear this, you plant a seed and that seed may not sprout for many years to come.

But God will tend His garden. God will tend the seeds and it is not for you to know or to touch, but to continue to speak and live the Truth within your entire life, all parts of your life, all parts of your being. Can you do this, my beloveds? Can you be strong? Can you be strong in God’s Love, in God’s care, in God’s guidance for you and live in this Light more fully and completely accepting this with every part of your being, every part of your will, and your desire, and your thought and who you are in the world? It is so necessary. God is beckoning you to that place of faith and acceptance, of allowing His Will to manifest through you, His Light and Love to be all around you and influencing everything within your life. Can you do this, my beloveds?

The invitation is there and the angels will uphold you as you make your choice as you decide to be with God in this way. My beloveds, my beloveds, I love you so. Your souls shine with Light. You are beautiful and you are so loved. Please know this within your being, within the very core of your being. Do not doubt, but embrace the Truth that you are a beloved child of your Heavenly Father and you are deeply loved. Bring that Love into your consciousness and express that Love in whatever you do in this world. God bless you, my beloveds. I am Mary and I say deep, constant  prayers for your awakening. My Love is with you. God bless you.