Spirit:  James

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: June 13, 2016

Yes, you are all anxious to serve God, to be in the flow of His Love, to walk in that Light that directs you upon your path and brings a flow of your instrumentality – your gifts and abilities – so that others may benefit from what you have learned and what you have to give. And you are each anxious to grow further in this Love for you feel this Love pulsing within your souls, urging you forward, urging you to be closer to God, urging you to be in greater Light, and your minds create a sense of urgency and you wish to step forward in more powerful ways in this world.  

You are God’s channels of Love and every moment you are in this world, you are God’s channels of Love. For in this connection that is forged between your soul and God’s Great Soul you have created, through your desire for this Love, through your efforts to be with God and to push aside the human conditions and atmosphere of this planet, you have brought a channel of Light and Love through you to this world and you must acknowledge this accomplishment for it is not easy to be in the world this way. It is not easy to acknowledge your own souls and to be in harmony with God’s Laws of Love. No, this is challenging, and each day brings its own fresh challenges as you attempt to live this Love, as you desire to live up to your own expectations of what this is. And I tell you, God smiles upon you. You are loved and you are a channel of Love in this world. Though your minds might stray here and there, this does not suggest that you are not loving, this does not in the ways that you have imagined, inhibit the flow of Love. It does inhibit your conscious awareness of this and it does bring you further from an acknowledgement of your own soul’s and your own relationship with God. It is in this innocent, firm and faithful connection with your Creator that brings this awareness, that brings within your consciousness a knowing that you are indeed, one of God’s children, claimed by His Love and as you walk through your lives each day, you must put forward within your consciousness this fact, this Truth that you are God’s child and how you express yourself in this world will never be pure and in that place of your own mental imaginings.  

No, my children, too much in this world draws away from this idealism, this imagining of a pure soul acting in this world. So, you must have compassion for yourselves and realize that despite these conditions that prevail, you are still a channel of Love and Light, you still walk in this Light, God still reaches down and touches you and reaches down and touches others through you. And this is not to do with your mind, but your soul, and this is why we urge you to continue to forge that relationship in a conscious way with your soul so that you will truly know, you will truly understand your relationship with your Creator. In this way you not only reassure yourselves, but you neutralize the conditions that are around you and you become strong in this awareness, this understanding, and you continue to grow in love, the capacity to love as you receive the Father’s Blessing within your souls. To walk in this innocent way, this simple way that is not adorned by the imaginings of your mind, but the true perceptions of your soul.

Yes, like the little chick within the eggshell pushing away, cracking the surface, wanting to expand into the world, your souls are causing many things within you to feel fragile, and this is the cracking of these conditions within your soul, around your soul, the encrustations. And they will fall away bit by bit, piece by piece, and the true self, the true you will emerge in this struggle, in this desire to be free of those entrapments. And yes, you struggle so. You struggle so, and we are with you like a midwife helping you to emerge, helping you to see, to open your eyes, to understand your true natures, your true selves. Do not be overly anxious about what is to come, but live your lives day by day, moment by moment seeking Grace, seeking a way through the conditions which beset each one of you – the challenges upon your path – and also acknowledge the opportunities which lie before you and the choices that lie before you.  For each moment contains within it a small test, a small lesson, a small opportunity to grow ever closer through harmony and Love. When you feel anxious and you judge yourselves, rather than stepping forward, you step back. It is all about freeing yourselves from these mental imaginations which inhibit the flow of Love both within you and through you.

As I have said, this does not mean you do not possess the Love within your souls or the Light that shines within you and about you, but it does indeed cause a restriction. It does indeed inhibit your own growth, and you must, as we have implored you many times, you must grow up. You must let go. You must allow this Love to wash over you and influence every part of you, to be that cornerstone of everything you are and everything you do, it must rest upon this one very simple principle of Love. And as you continue to grow, to change and evolve you will find this easier, each step a little easier and the changes will come more swiftly and you will readily embrace these changes and know joy deep within you that you are truly walking upon this path that is meant for you, guided by God, ushered with Love and care.

Know that you are loved, that God’s angels surround you, that you are being reborn in Love, that yes, there is a struggle to break free of these conditions, to emerge reborn in Love, in Light, in a new awareness, a new way of being and you will find that place within your lifetime. You will emerge from that shell and you will be a true and pure channel of God’s Love and what that is still remains somewhat of a mystery to you and you will not truly know it until you are free of yourselves of these expectations of the mind, these judgements, these concepts in error and not in harmony with Love. And you, each one, are emerging, struggling, questioning, praying and beseeching the Heavenly Father to help you come to this pure Light and to receive ever greater measure of this Love that strengthens you and gives you the impetus to continue in this struggle. And so it will go, until you are free and know this great joy of redemption and complete healing, of release from those conditions of the world. 

It is coming. It is coming, beloveds. Be patient and kind to yourselves and have faith that all that is meant for you, all good and wondrous things and blessings and changes are coming in good time, in God’s time, in harmony. And though you taste that sweet nectar of Love and you yearn to be in that place so beautiful and comforting, you must know that all things in God’s universe need time and the right elements to grow and emerge. Be patient, and know that you are indeed, embraced by God and nurtured in His Love and you will emerge, you will know this great blessing of freedom, of redemption.

God bless you, I am James and I love you. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.