Spirit:  Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 22, 2020
Location: Burnaby, BC

I am Seretta Kem. Throughout the ages, humanity has had an understanding and connection with the spirit world. Interpretations of what that has been is varied indeed. Understandings of the structure and make-up of this world have been embedded in religious doctrine and spiritual understanding of many cultures that have come and gone in your world. It is this culture, what you call the western culture, that seems to shy away from things that are not of the material, a deep mistrust of all that which is not of the mind and cannot be proven by science.

Yet, there are brave souls such as yourselves who are willing to step forward and seek clarity in this regard, to come to know your own gifts, your own perceptions, and your own experience in life that includes the presence of spirits and angels, of guides and gatekeepers, of those who are with you to help you upon your spiritual path.

Each soul upon this world has some help from the spirit world. For each one who has entered into the spirit world has had the experience of being in the flesh and understands the challenges and possibilities of that experience. There are many in the spirit world who are eager to assist those in the flesh in their learning and understanding of the true purpose of life. Those efforts and messages and assistance and inspirations are very different and have many elements that reflect the conditions of humanity and reflect the misunderstandings of the mind.

Here, my beloved and beautiful friends, we come to speak of the soul and the soul’s relationship with its Creator for God has much to give to each soul. God wishes that Love be given to each soul, the Essence of the Creator. So, in this gift, when one seeks for something higher than so many who have passed before you have done, it is important to be open and trusting in the Touch of God. In this way, all that comes to you in the way of spiritual influence and guidance and messages and blessings will be of the highest. The foundation of the soul must be love and the highest love of all is the Love of God for each one of you. When this is understood and put into practice in your lives, so the other aspects of a spiritual life will fall into place in harmony and clarity. You will know from that deep knowing within you what is true and what is important to understand.

If one is to become more spiritually enlightened and awakened, there are many avenues to take, no doubt about this. There are many possibilities, understandings, prescribed journeys, and paths to take, but I would recommend to all of you that the simpler the path, the greater and swifter the journey. Do not gather within your minds a multiplicity of concepts and paradigms that are claimed to be truth. Rather, it is within your souls, within that deep and knowing place that you will come to know Truth, that you will come to acknowledge and to affirm Truth. It is in prayer to God, simple and direct, that Truth will be given and awakened within you. It is the desire for the highest and the desire for the highest Love which is a gift from God, the Divine Love, that will open these doors and bring to you a clear and unambiguous understanding of the Creation in which you live and continue to live as you progress and into the world of spirit.

Yes, there is much to know. The journey for Truth is endless. The great awakening of your soul will bring you many insights and experiences and blessings. But one must begin with a foundation of knowing your own soul. When one recognizes one’s soul and marries that with a relationship with the Creator, many, many things may come to you and may be blessed independent of another’s ideas or knowledge and come with the Breath of God upon you. These revelations are possible for each one of you, beloved souls. These blessings are great and powerful and transformative. This is what each soul truly longs for, to come back to God, to reestablish its relationship with the Creator, and be in harmony with all that is God and all that is God’s Creation.

This is not an edict from God. God does not insist that you do so, for you have free will. But when your choice is in alignment with these things of which I speak, then all comes clear and all is joyfully accepted as the soul begins its journey of recognition and accepting and acknowledging the Truth. It is the individual’s journey to God, my beloved friends, that brings all of these experiences and knowings of spirit, of your own spirit, of the angels, of all the aspects of the unseen world. They come on the heels of an awakened soul, a soul whose foundation is in love and in God’s Love, which is the highest of all blessings. May you come to know this blessing in your heart and soul, that you may come to open that door that brings many, many understandings, the possibilities of your soul awakened in Love.

May God bless you, my beloved friends. I am Seretta Kem. I work with those who desire to be communicators of the angels through which we may use and convey the Truth and understandings of our place within the Heavens of the Universe. God bless you my friends. God bless you.