Spirit: Mary
Medium: Maureen Cardoso
Date: May 19, 2019
Location: Abbotsford, BC

I am Mary. I am here to shower you with my great blessing of love. For each one of you and all children upon your Earth are very dear to me. My heart is full to see all of you together in prayer, coming together, united souls, yearning and longing for the Father’s Love to bless you.   You reach from that deepest place within you, reaching to our Heavenly Father, asking for a great blessing, the Essence of the Divine Love to flow into your souls, to nourish your souls, to enliven and awaken your souls.

Dear children of Earth, you are deeply blessed to know this Love at this stage of your experience upon your soul’s journey. For it is by the Grace of this Love that you feel the depth and the bond that God has for each and every one of you. As this Love grows in your souls, the bond that can be established between each one of you upon Earth is reflective of this Love.

So, beloved souls, continue on your path. Go very deeply in this journey of Love to God and allowing the true beloved Creator to walk with you in all ways. As you grow in this Love, beloveds, share your journey with others. Express the joy that is in your heart. For you are cared for very tenderly by the Grace of God. Share this, this great news that is available for every soul to receive. It is just a simple yearning from the heart reaching up to God and asking to be blessed by a great inflowing of the Creator’s Essence into the soul of man. So simple as we all know, yet somehow it gets missed by others. But, beloveds, your great work is to continue to awaken your souls, to be willing to follow the call of God in your own lives and allow this call to direct your choices, and to establish your life in love.

It is a great, great blessing to share time with you, to pray with you, and to speak to you. May God’s Grace be upon you all now and forever. I am Mary and my love, my deep love, is with each and every one of you. God bless you.