Spirit: Keea Atta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 22, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you, I am Keea Atta Kem. Along with your prayers to God, you may call upon us to help you in your efforts to be more spiritually attuned and in a state of higher light and consciousness. As you receive the Divine Love of God, so these conditions that are around you from the world often hamper your efforts in prayers, clouding your desires, distracting you from God. Beloveds, we are here. We wish to assist you in your efforts to be in the light, to adjust your thinking, to adjust your desires and motivations so that you may be in the flow of God’s Love, that you may be immersed in this river of Love and feel and know these blessings as real, substantial and beneficial. None of you can do this alone. You must seek the help and assistance that is available to you and which God brings to you so that you may overcome the barriers and the difficulties that are associated with opening your own souls, knowing your own souls in this world that is so materially engaged and difficult to navigate.

Beloveds, the world needs to change its perspective and course towards materialism to a place that is more aligned with God. Each of you that makes the effort to be in greater communion with your Heavenly Father will be blessed with our assistance, our support, our prayers and our love. We will be there beloveds. Ask for us. Ask for the angels to assist you. Ask for God to continue to open your soul that you may be awakened in love. This is what you need, beloveds. This is what your soul desires and this is what the world needs. For without the power of love within this world there is great darkness and confusion and error.

To carry love as your calling and expression in life acts as the catalyst to bring change within you and change all about you. To express love in this way calls many others to do so. Some may listen and some may not. You have walked the path of light and carried the torch of truth and this is all that God asks of you, beloved – to make this effort, to walk in love, to be with God, to bring more light to this world in this way. In this way you bring greater hope to humanity, greater possibilities for the advancement of the human race. For as you advance materially, there is great decline in your spiritual condition. It is important to have the balance between the material and the spiritual. To be stronger, much stronger within the spiritual at this time is important. For without this correction in the condition of humanity there will continue to be great suffering and many dire consequences to your world. It is necessary, beloveds, for those who are strong enough to pursue this Truth, this Light, this Love, to continue in their efforts and desires to be close to God. For without this, the darkness pervades and the light fades.

Beloveds, is this what you want for your world, a world of such deprivation, a world that continues to move away from God and lacks a clear understanding of the power of love? You must be strong my beloveds. You must walk in light. You must express yourselves in love and be with God. In this way, you will assist God and the salvation of mankind and bring greater light for all, for those children who are yet unborn, for those who have lost their way, for those who continue to be deprived and in great darkness. You bring hope, you bring the power of love to a world that is in so much need of love.

Be strong my beloveds. Seek the Creator. Seek the Source of all love and seek to be in alignment with God’s Will and Truth and you will find a journey awaits you that is wondrous, beautiful, powerful and transformative. The power of love, beloveds, awaits your acceptance and the practice of prayer, the journey of awakening, the opening of your souls and the journey towards at-onement with God. All souls seek this, yet few are strong enough in this world to answer this call and be in the flow of His Love.

Beloveds, be strong. Be of great faith and be aligned with God and you will have all the support and guidance and strength required to move in the world as channels of love, instruments of change, souls imbued with great wisdom and understanding of the truth of your existence, the power of God’s blessings, the flow of His Love in you and through you. You are needed, beloveds. You are sorrowfully needed in a darkened world.

May you hear God’s call and answer this call through your prayers, the awakening of the desire of your soul and find your way to this place of communion, of receiving, awakening, knowing and being in the flow of God’s Love.

God bless you beloveds. I am Keea Atta Kem. I love you. God bless you beloveds. I am with you and I desire to support you in love. God bless you. I love you.