Spirit: Anna
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 18, 2022
Location: Gibson, BC

May the Touch of God’s Love watch over you, my beloved and beautiful friends. I am Anna, grandmother of Jesus and I come to encourage you all as I have done most recently in other circles. It is important that as many angels as possible make the rapport with you who are grounded in the Divine Love, in the Truth of this Love, to uplift and uphold you, my beloved friends. It is important and necessary as you continue to apply yourselves to these truths and walk in the light of this Love. It is God’s great task upon each of you and will come a time when many will ask of you to bless them, to be a light and a comfort for them, or you will manifest the light of God’s Love so beautifully within your soul and will glow all about you. There will be those who feel and see and recognize this gift that is God’s Touch upon you. So, it is important that many angels now make a rapport, a close rapport with each of you, so that we may walk with you and hold you and assist God in His blessings and protection upon you.

It is important that you walk in the Truth of this Love as much as you can, be as close to God as you might, for there is a great need for you to accelerate your progress in the Divine Love, for your soul to continue to awaken to this truth, for your light to continue to brighten in this truth, for all of you to be in harmony and alignment with this truth and with God. There is nothing on this Earth plane that can offer you more than this truth and this blessing. So, I ask you to focus your hearts upon it, to be with God in this great gift and light. There is so much that can be accomplished through those who are willing and who understand the Truth of God’s Love and wonderment of His Touch upon your soul, that truth that my beloved grandson brought to the world and continues to work diligently to bring it to many spirits and mortals. So, we follow the beloved Master in this effort. We are all his disciples. Are we not all working towards this great and the fulfillment of God’s plan and desire for the awakening of humanity? Be true to yourselves, in your souls, be clear in your intentions and desires. Be strong in your faith. May love be the foundation for everything that you do in your life. To love is to bring light and to bring light is to love, they are inextricably married together. These two elements, life and love are one and the same and the soul is aflame with the Father’s Love.

May you be that great example of His Grace alive within you, growing all about you, your actions, your thoughts, your deeds, your words, all expressing the Truth of the Father’s Love. When you are in alignment in this way, you will be acknowledged by many, and many will be drawn to you. Being a teacher for God, an example for God, and a channel of Love for God is the highest calling, beloved souls. In this highest calling, you draw on to you all the resources, all the blessings of God and His angels and the great spirits and the beautiful souls of the universe who come to uphold you and uplift you. A great power and great wave of light continues to build and shall wash over this world, changing all within its path, affecting everything on this earthly plane of yours. Be ready for this, beloved souls. Prayer will come dramatically and powerfully into your lives and into the lives of everyone upon this world. Are you ready for this? Can you accept this and embrace it and be in harmony with it? The great change that God brings to the world is necessary in order to neutralize the dark forces who continue to build and make their efforts to bring disharmony and chaos. Light must come, beloveds, healing must come, peace must come, love must come. Be within this great flow of light and all that comes with it, beloveds. My love is with you. I am Anna. My love is with you.