Spirit: Andrew

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: August 20, 2015

God bless you, precious and beloved souls, I am Andrew. God has brought you together, my beloveds. He has orchestrated this time together. He has guided you. He has encouraged you. And for many of you, He has broken down barriers and provided means for you to be here together, to pray together, to speak together, to Love one another and to find the great gift of fellowship amongst you. Think back, my beloveds, How did God guide you to His Love? What moment did you come to that discovery? How were you led to be awakened to this Truth? Was it a comment, a touch, an invitation, some unremarkable event, a thought, a desire which led you to look and search?

God reached each and every one of you, my beloveds, and led you to the Light of His Love. And this was done in many, many ways, through many, many means to bring you to that place of understanding, of seeking and knowing. This starts with a yearning from your soul. This starts with God inviting you into the Light and he does so with every soul but not every soul acknowledges this invitation, feels with intensity a desire to know. And yet you, my beloveds, you accepted, you came forward and said, Yes I want to be in the Light of your Love, I want to have my life in the flow of your Love. I want my inner life to be lit by your Love.

And many of you ask, How will we bring the knowledge of this Love to others? And I say that God will open those doors and present the invitation, not only through you, my beloveds, but through others, others around the world will be inspired, will be led, will be given this Truth in many beautiful ways, creative, and effective, and clear.

I ask you, my beloveds, to pray that the world will hear and know this invitation from God. That many will choose Love, for it will take many to choose Love in this world for this world to be healed, for this world to be raised up from its present condition to a place of harmony and peace. The invitation will be given and you, my beloveds, will speak this invitation to many, will express your Love as proof that God Loves all, will bring the wisdom that will spark an openness, a willingness to consider this invitation.

Be guided, my beloveds, be guided upon your road and God will lead you to many, many who are eager to hear your words, to feel your Love, to know that you are in this Light and they will want to join you, my beloveds, they will desire this within their souls, and God will break down the barriers that they have, the reticence and the suspicion that comes from the mind. You will be used in many ways, you will be inspired powerfully, and God will put the words in your mouth. God will use you as a channel for His Love. You will be led, led through this life, through this world, and you will feel the power of this. You will know that God is leading you forward. You will know this and feel His Love enveloping you upon this journey. For every soul that is claimed by God’s Love is a part of this effort to bring Love to others. This is the part of the process of redemption, to allow God to use you in the flow of His Love and Will for the benefit of others. This is part of His flow. This is part of the harmony and the laws that pertain to His Love.

You are not meant to be alone and you are not meant to be isolated in the world. You are meant to be amongst your brothers and sisters as a Light, a channel of Love, to give to others, to connect with Love from your soul to their soul. Be willing, be willing, my beloveds, to walk amongst your brothers and sisters as a channel of Love. Pray for this each day. Ask for God to put upon your path those whom he wishes for you to contact and be with, to Love and contribute in Light and you will be amazed at what unfolds, where you will go, and who you will meet, and what you will say, and how you will say it, and how the words, the gestures, the giving of yourselves will all point to your loving God who provides all for you and for this world.

Seek to be used in this way, my beloveds. Seek to be God’s instruments of Love and Peace for change in this world and your prayers will be answered in surprising ways, in beautiful ways, in ways beyond your imaginings at this time. Mighty doors will open, wondrous journeys will be taken. This is the miracle of bringing all of you together at this time. Think of this, what was required to draw you to this place, to this time together, and to know what you were meant to do here, to pray, to long for the Love? This required much work from the angels who have shepherded you along your Path. And God guides His angels and God guides you. It is a great plan, my beloveds, a plan to bring healing to this world, and you each have a role, a purpose, a gift to give, something to share, many gifts to explore and to express to bring about a healing for this world for all your brothers and sisters who are lost yet yearning deeply for Love.

Walk your Path, my beloveds, each one beautiful and unique. Walk your Path and do so in the Grace of God and His Love and you will find your way and you will walk through every door opened for you. For God opens these doors and presents to you that invitation to be His instrument of Love in the world. He opens that door and it is for you to choose to walk through and to feel the joy of this special gift and opportunity to be that channel of Love for others.

Walk in the Light, my beloveds. Be in the Light. Be the Light. You are all capable. You all have something to give. Do not hold your gifts close to your bosom but present them lovingly to others in service, in humility and much will be accomplished, much that is necessary and so crucial at this time in the history of mankind. For humanity is at a crossroads, a choice to progress upward, closer to what is meant for them, for all, or to continue to decline into further darkness and suffering, terrible suffering, my beloveds. You hold the key amongst you. You have the power that is given from your Heavenly Father to make a great difference in this world, to help humanity to climb into the Light. And I know and God knows that you all desire the Light and you all desire for mankind to know that they are loved deeply, and you wish to show them the way to this great and wondrous Love. This is your commitment to God, your tribute to what God has given you.

Consider, my beloveds, what you may do, where you may go, and how you may be in the world and you will be shown through your prayers, you will be inspired within your thoughts, you will feel compelled from your soul to act, to move forward. And what you may do may not gratify your egos, may not gratify your ambitions, may not comply to those well-laid plans within your mind. They may be humble, these acts of Love, and simple, but they are of God and the accumulation of all of your acts of Love will build a mighty power in the world, for the Light will reverberate around this planet. And the closer you are in harmony together, the more your thoughts and desires, your soul desires, are in harmony, become a singular thing, you will have great power. For God can use those who act in this way, who wish to share their Love in this way together, together in harmony, together in their desire to serve the Heavenly Father.

Be together, my beloveds. Work together. Pray together and support one another in loving ways. Share your wisdom. Share your Love. Share yourselves as you support this great effort. God bless you, beautiful and beloved souls. I am Andrew and I love you. I love you dearly. God bless you.