Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 03, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. May the Father’s blessings of His Love continue to pour into your souls. When I speak of the blessing of peace, I speak of the Touch of God. That when God is near, when His Blessings pour down up on you beloveds. This component of peace is a gift from God. It is a specific gift that enshrouds you with a Light, a sense of comfort, of stillness; that is peace and with this gift of peace and the accompanying Light that comes, you are blessed with protection. You are given a gift that clears the mind, relaxes the body and centers your consciousness in prayer and within your soul. 

The Touch of peace from God is a powerful antidote to the conditions of your world. When you are able to open that channel between yourself and God, when you are receptive to what God has to give you when you are in prayer for these gifts, include peace as part of these gifts and blessings from God. Ask that God may come close, that His Presence always brings Peace. His Presence is a tonic to your souls and to your beings. 

Allow what we call the peace that passes all understanding to envelop you. This awakens your soul and brings comfort to your mind, allowing you to rest in the Grace of God. Peace is a gift. Peace comes with the blessing of the Father’s Love. Peace comes to allow the awakening of your soul in conscious ways for when you are at peace, you are most receptive to your soul. 

In this activity comes the conscious awareness of your connection with God. So these many blessings from God come for a purpose. A purpose that uplifts, informs, awakens, and brings a sense of peace to you all. As you sit in this Circle of Light and you pray for your loved ones, your brothers and sisters in the world, and in the flowing of God’s Touch upon you all, so you become a unified force as our dear and beloved daughter has spoken of in her prayer, will touch many. 

You are providing a service for your brother and sisters as well as bringing to yourselves greater peace and Love and healing and joy to your soul. When God is present, when God utilises His instruments for the benefit of your world. All are blessed in a multiplicity of ways. From the depth of your soul to the condition of your mind and body, all aspects of yourselves are blessed. This Light infuses everything, bringing to you more harmony, bringing your bodies into greater alignment and vitality, bringing your consciousness to that highest place which is God, so that you may indeed know and experience the fulfillment that comes with the highest prayer of all, that which is for His Love.

You will come to know this condition more readily as time goes on. It will increase in its power to envelope you, uplift you and change you. It will become so familiar that when you are not in this state of grace and do not feel the peace of God’s touch upon you, there will be a sense of lacking that will reignite your desire for prayer. 

May your lives be a constant prayer, and may you walk in the Light of God and know this great and deep peace within you. When this is your daily experience and expression in life, then you know you have truly forged that relationship with God which is intended and it is promised to each one of you, provided you make those efforts necessary to bring alignment, to bring a constant condition of Love into your being and your lives.

To be a channel of Love in this way is a powerful and beautiful expression which God wishes to cultivate within each one of you. Allow God to do so. Be open and receptive to the possibility of being the Grace of God at all times. That your thoughts and your deeds may reflect this Grace, that your prayers may be deep and abide within the consciousness of God.

May you know peace everlasting and be in this great light that is present at this moment. God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine. I come to assure you that you will know deep peace, abiding joy, and grace within your lives. God bless you. My love is with you, beloveds. God bless you.