Spirit:  Confucius

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: January 4, 2016

Every moment, every effort you make is an opportunity to learn and to grow within your souls, and your sincere desire to increase the channel of healing and Love in this world is beautiful to behold, my beloveds.

Yes, you are a family of Love and I understand your desire to increase your family to be in that way where others will feel comfortable and a part of something beautiful.  Beloved souls, yes, you may do this but do not neglect the very foundation of why you are there, my beloveds. You are not here to please others, you are here to please God, to wade more fully into that beautiful river of His Love and Healing and Light, to bathe within that stream. And your responsibility, my beloveds, is to put forth to God those names and souls and places and conditions which are in need of His ministrations upon this world, to keep within your minds those thoughts which will act as conduits and more directly influence and bless those individuals and situations.

And besides, it allows your minds to focus, and I see this can be difficult amongst you; for your souls know, beloveds, your souls know. And, your great challenge in your lives, your spiritual lives at this time, is to allow your souls to be directly in communication with your minds so that those filters and prejudices, conditions and thoughts which so bedevil you and mankind may be released so that there may be nothing between your mind and your soul – a merging of consciousness, if you will. That you may see clearly with the mind of your soul, the vision of your soul, the wisdom of your soul and all the faculties which lay within bursting to come forth into your consciousness, my beloveds.

Everything that you do now will present this challenge to you, and you will not fully step into this awareness immediately. There will be glimpses, flickerings, times when you are aware of this merging of awarenesses and as you continue to allow this, as this consciousness becomes more embedded within your normal and usual perceptions, it will become stronger. The clouds will clear, my beloveds, the confusion, the doubt, the obstructions. The power of God’s Love will clear the way and your eyes will open, your eyes will open and you will see the truth, the reality of God’s Creation. And I must say that you will also see the depravity of man’s creation, for this is a double-edged sword, my beloveds, to see the reality of what has been created by man compared to what has been created by God makes for some difficulty. For the conditions that you live within, my beloveds,can be difficult as you truly comprehend the power of this darkness.  

Yet, God does not bring you to that place of awareness and understanding before you are able and strong enough to cope with these disturbing perceptions. For He has put within you the great power of His Love, the Divine Essence and this will be your anchor, your strength, your fortress which will hold back these dark conditions. Though you will perceive them, you will not be influenced by them. But your mind, my beloveds, must be strong and disciplined. Your hearts must be filled with the faith that comes with the Father’s Love. Your actions must be in harmony with the Will of God and you must step resolutely upon the Divine Path aware that you are surrounded by the angels. God’s Light is upon you and all that you see is a reality, and that which you find repulsive you must love and give love and allow your judgements to fall away, and that which you know is beautiful and of God rejoice within this, my beloveds. Walk within this joy, know this reality, clasp it firmly to you and you will not be beseeched by the negative conditions of this world, you will walk in that Light that you were meant to walk within and act as God’s powerful instruments of change, to disperse the darkness, to bring love, to touch the many who long for relief from their pain and you will know deep peace, great wisdom, profound joy.

Blessings to you, my beloveds, my beautiful newborn children, whose eyes are yet to open. It is coming and we rejoice in this, beloveds, rejoice. God bless you, beloved souls, God bless you. Your friend Confucius is ever with you upon your journey. God bless you.