Spirit: Isaiah
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 29, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

God is infecting the world with Love. He pours His Love into many parts of your world creating great change for individuals and for the many races of this world, change that will come in surprising ways. Those who feel animosity towards others shall lay this down at God’s Feet and will come to embrace their brothers and sisters, to see all as equals and beloved.

The world is about to change, my beloved and beautiful friends. Great change is coming and you will witness this in your lives and you will be a part of it in your gifts and talents imbued by God as you truly come to know the nature of your own souls, as you truly come to know the Will of God through receiving this great gift of Love. God pours His Light and Love upon you at this very moment. God shall pour His Light and Love upon you each day as you, my beloved and beautiful brothers and sisters, spend each day absorbing this gift that it may be a powerful catalyst for the awakening of your souls, for opening your eyes and greeting the world in love, that you may go out into the world and embrace your brothers and sisters and live and express this great gift. This message from God that is “Children, the way of the world must be of love and acceptance, that you may all live together in harmony. The way of mankind and their ways of power and lack of love is finished. This begins a new era, beloveds, an era that you have all incarnated into to be instruments, harbingers of Truth and Love and Light. This shall flow through you. Mighty torrents of Light and Love will flow through you as you continue to reach to your heavenly Father and reach down from His great Soul, the living waters of Love, that shall pour through you into this world, flooding this world in Light.”

There are many being prepared, beloved souls. Many who have themselves chosen this path and this time to be God’s instruments of change in the world. Great change is coming, beloveds, and you are all swept along in God’s mighty river of Love. You shall all know your purpose and work on behalf of the heavenly Father. It shall be clear and powerful and bring great joy to each one of you and all who engage in this beautiful awakening of mankind. For the change shall touch every soul upon this world. The clarion call of God will reverberate within the souls of mankind and elicit the response, as each soul will be given the choice to awaken or to fall away, to become alive in their souls or fall away. This is the choice, this is the clarion call of your Heavenly Father, that your souls may gain its rightful place in Light and that your gifts of the soul may awaken and become evident in this world. That you, each one of you, may step forward in the days to come and declare the Truth and live the Truth and reach out to your brothers and sisters in Love and Truth and speak on behalf of God. Come and be in the Light. Come my brother, come my sister, come children all, and be in the Light of Truth and receive the great gift and benediction upon your souls that you may awaken and come to new life, a new era of Light.

The angels of God are with you, beloved souls. The Truth is evident within your souls. Come to know this part of yourself and be truly an expression of the fullness and wonderment of God’s creation which is you. Each of you in your unique and beautiful selves is a precious and beloved child of God. Bring this into each moment of your day, each aspect of your being that you may be truly this expression, the awakened soul in the great blessing of God’s Will and Desire for humanity to be His blessed children that are close, that have chosen to love one another and become the family that it truly is. Children all of God, children beautiful in light, gracious of soul, keen of mind, beautiful in light. God bless you. God bless you beloved souls upon this journey and may you indeed hear the clarion call of God and heed this call with all of your commitment and desire for love. God bless you. God bless you beloveds. My love is with you and God’s great Love shall always pour upon you. God bless you.

Note from the Medium: This message was a powerful declaration from Isaiah. The spiritual power in the room was extraordinary and those present felt it keenly. My hope is that the reader will also feel the power and beauty of this declaration for the end of the era of darkness brought on by our inhumanity towards each other.

God bless……Al Fike