Spirit: Peter

Medium: Al Fike

Location: West Vancouver, BC

Date: December 21, 2015

I am Peter. The time has come for you, my beloveds, to branch out in your efforts in prayer to possibly form smaller groups at different times to pray for specific things in this world and to make specific efforts similar to what you have done to bring healing to this world. There are many ways that God can use you, my beloveds, many opportunities and many possibilities inherent in the power of prayer and you have all been well grounded in the art of prayer – the effort of prayer. And, we will guide you thus in service and Love. And I am do not suggest that you curtail your efforts together to pray for Divine Love, for this is the very foundation of all that you do, but the world is in need of many things from God and as you build this channel of Light in the world this may be utilized in many different ways, for many different souls and many different conditions in this world that are not in harmony.

Yes, just because you reside in one part of your planet does not mean that through your collective efforts you may not influence the conditions in any other place in this world as God’s Channels of Love. Prayer is powerful, prayer is beautiful, prayer is opening yourselves to God and asking for Him to use you to bring Light to this world, to bring Light within yourself, to walk a path of Light, to bring the manna from Heaven to this world. And many of you have powerful gifts that can be utilized to accomplish this. And so, we ask you, my beloved dear souls, to consider coming together to bring various blessings to this world and to make an effort to coordinate yourselves with others around this world to band together, taking a special time and place and praying together. Though others may be far apart, through your efforts to bond with one another, through your efforts coming together in circles of prayer, you will not be apart. You will be very close and we in spirit can utilize these bonds, utilize your Gifts and God will enliven all in wondrous ways through His Touch reaching out to this world, bringing change, bringing healing, bringing harmony, bringing Love. Consider this, my beloveds, consider how you will do this. We will guide you and influence you and show you how it may be done.

So, in this coming year we will be asking much of you. The world will enter a phase of great difficulty and turmoil, and you must be on the ready, you must increase your faith, you must be strong in Light and Love and you cannot be swept into the fear and the confusion, but walk in Light and clarity. There is so much within you that you have trouble recognizing and acknowledging, great Light and strength resides within each one of you and you have become important anchors in this world for God to utilize, to bring stability, to usher in change in harmonious ways. For much will change, much will change, this is always the state of your world, for change is everywhere in the universe, my beloveds, and you must grow and adapt and understand what is required to be a part of this. Much will unravel while much will be built up. You will see things differently, my beloveds. God will touch you powerfully. The perceptions of your souls will give you greater vision and understanding and will inform your actions and you will be called upon in many ways. Though your path may be difficult at times you will know what steps to take and you will be surrounded by Light, touched by God, shown the way, protected and guided.

Beloved souls, may you walk in this Light with a step that is firm, seeing all around you, perceiving and knowing that God is with you always and the angels are with you; with you more powerfully with each step you take and God’s Love finds the constant inflowing into your souls, my beloveds, bringing to you strength and clarity and peace.

Blessings to you, my beloveds, blessings to all your beloveds, blessings to all who are connected to this group, blessings to your brothers and sisters in this world who hunger and thirst so, yet know not what they hunger for. You must show them the banquet that God has laid before you. God bless you, your brother Peter loves you and will continue to support you upon your path of service and soul growth through God’s Love. Many are with you, many shall guide you. God’s Hand is upon you. God bless you, God bless you.